How Switching to an Open Business Model Will Help Your Company

As more and more businesses in Singapore are opening to register company names and assets,the use of these new concepts has led to a new shift in innovation that draws in more businesses and clients through the high dynamic in the development of products and services.

But before you start to look into how to register a company or open a new startup company in Singapore, you need to know a few reasons why setting up a firm using an open company business model will help your business see immediate returns:

  1. Open-sourced software and open content is free

Every business owner wants, and is actively looking for ways to, lower the costs of developing and commercializing their business while at the same time doing so at a significantly fast rate. Having this advantage gives two-fold benefits: it decreases expenses in expanding, and increases potential profits and savings.

This solution can be found in open source software, or “freeware”. While the source code itself is licensed, it can be changed and distributed to anyone for any purposes by the original owner.

Open source content can also be defined in a similar light. As long as the owner and the original work is given credit and acknowledged,other people can copy, reproduce, or modify freely without having the need to ask for permission or violating existing copyright laws.

The result is a large number of collaborations and design perspectives that boosts sales.

This is good news for every business owner worried about finding the right software to invest in, but this is good news especially for those looking to expand their interests by choosing to register company in Singapore for foreigner enterprises and business ventures, as the initial investment costs go further down.

  • Innovation is faster

Any working business model has two functions: creating value and capturing a certain portion of that value.

For the first function, the means to create that said value should already be in place by the time the business owner/s decide to go for company registration. This will not only help you shoulder the costs, but it also lets you keep creating and amassing that value exponentially over time immediately after you register company with ACRA.Visit for further assistance regarding how to register a company.

For those engaging in an open business model, good communication might pave the way for this said value generation.

The second function of the business model, capturing a certain portion of the generated value, requires innovation by establishing a strategic resource, asset, or position that is unique to that said company and allows the company access to a particular vantage point in the market.

In addition to this, open business models for companies undergoing company registration in Singapore are made more effective because they are easily able to tap into a wider range of experts and specialists in certain specific fields. They also open up space for employees to communicate and build more meaningful relationships.

The key to use this flexibility to leverage more ideas by including a wide variety of outside concepts, which are made available by being able to tap into this wider range of experts and specialists.

  • It builds towards the company’s image

An open company can find itself with benefits such as a lowered cost of development (they are easier to start up) and a much easier time developing it, as well as a community of testers and early users that associate the company with certain values veered towards being more open and collaborative.

Among other values that these users and testers may associate the company with can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Openknowledge, learning, and sharing – Information and data is freely shared at all levels in all places within the company, and is a considered to be a fundamental tenet everywhere.
  • Individual rights – This extends to the ownership of intellectual property. Having this listed can save you a lot of time an effort when it comes to granting licenses to other entities to use your content or software.
  • Community focus – Team-building exercises and other productivity activities are seen as a part of normal life.

With this emphasis on open-source principles, you can establish and improve your connections with partners and clients, as well as be able to continuously draw in new ones and retain them.

  • It creates and increases value for the company

Even when starting a small business,you will find that intellectual property is really useful, which is why you need to include them when choosing to register company assets.

Companies looking to further the sales of their IP through bridging the gap between digital and physical goods through licensing often find that more people are willing to avail of the IP in terms of products and services because the access is easier.

This also makes it easier for the company to undergo company incorporation, which can present more lucrative opportunities and benefits for not just the company itself, but also to business partners who are looking to expand or maximize their holdings by merging.

Two or more companies, or more than twenty partners in anyone business partnership with the right incorporation fees, can become a corporation through the process of company incorporation. This results in the corporation being granted a separate legal status from the companies’ owners, and is in a lot of ways crucial for establishing an enterprise.

Why You Need a Commercial Laundry Service?

Management of a hospitality business, such hotels, restaurants, cruise lines and even hospitals, is already stressful enough. How much more if you have to take care of other matters like laundry and linen care, which is probably the least important and non-profitable aspect of your business?

Finding a space and manpower for bed sheet and towel washing is just a waste of resources. So, instead of hiring someone to deal with your business’ laundry matters, why not hire a commercial laundry services? They are professionals in this field and can guarantee to deliver the work quickly and efficiently.

Commercial laundry services in Singapore offer a range of laundering services suitable for hospitality establishments. These laundering companies provide a great way to free up significant resources, time and energy. Listed below are the reasons why outsourcing your laundry and linen works is an ideal solution for your business’ laundry needs.

Fabric Care
A professional laundry service knows exactly how to care for specific types of fabric. They use specialized soaps and detergents to wash specific type of material. Moreover, after laundering the garments and linens, they have a huge, separate space for drying them out, which you may not afford to have in your premise. They have the appropriate chemicals and equipment needed to provide excellent service and results.

Save on Expenses
Outsourcing services for your linen and uniform laundry may seem like a costly idea, since you’ll likely have to do it daily. However, consider the cost of equipment, space and salary of additional laundry personnel if you choose to have your own on-premise laundry. Working with a commercial laundry service is apparently more cost-effective than doing it on your own. There are a lot of affordable nearby washing shop in Singapore which can help you save your expenses.

Work in Great Volumes
Commercial laundry services are used to working in large quantity and all types of clothing and linens. Whether it is made of wool or cotton, they can handle piles up to hundreds of kilograms in a day. Even if your load doesn’t reach the minimum weight requirement, they will not refuse it. They will provide the same excellent quality service for all their clients.

Save on Space
Regardless of what type of hospitality business you have, you will find that laundry facilities normally occupy so much space. Depending on the volume of linens you use on a daily basis, you will need multiple pieces of equipment to take care linen washing and drying. Outsourcing laundry services means eliminating the need to purchase expensive and space-consuming equipment and a large area to air-dry particular pieces.

Pick-Up and Delivery Service
Many laundry companies here in Singapore offer this option as additional service. You need to make sure that you won’t be left struggling with the transportation of your laundry. Work with a laundry service that can handle both pick-up and delivery of your laundry.

Quick Service
Regardless of how much you’ve spent on putting up an on-site laundry area, it can never match the fast pace at which a commercial laundry services company can provide. No matter how many soiled linens you have, a professional laundry company can tackle them all for you, quickly and efficiently. A reliable laundry company guarantees that your hotel and/or restaurant will never fall short in the supply of linen.

One-Stop Shop
The best part of hiring a commercial laundry services is the variety of work that can be done. From towel washing to linen works and uniform laundry, you can get everything nicely washed and folded for you. You also have the edge over your competitors, since you have everything taken care of in one contract. You have the standard laundry, ironing, dry cleaning and alterations and repairs all in one company. Rest assured, these shops in Singapore can handle quality dry cleaning for suits.

Paying another company to take care of your business’ laundry may seem like a disadvantage, but in the long run this will be significantly outweighed by the convenience it provides. With the expertise of a dedicated laundry service, your employees won’t feel overworked because you have someone to deal with the washing and cleaning of linens. In hotels, for example, without hiring a commercial laundry service, the employees will have to deal with the washing of toiletries and dirty linens. This additional workload can cause more pressure and unnecessary stress that may lead your employees to leaving their job.

Increased Business Productivity
If you are not working with a commercial laundry services company, then your staff will have to take care of the washing. The process includes sorting of linens, towels and uniforms, loading into the laundry, moving them to the dryer, ironing them and folding each one of them. You also have to secure different detergents and chemicals for better results. Imagine going through all these every day. If you outsource this work, you and your employees can concentrate on the productivity of your business and eliminate the costs of setting up a laundry room.

As your business grows, less important works—like doing the laundry—will need to be outsourced to keep your everyday activities in control. When it comes to telling whether or not a laundry service is of much use for your business, it’s pretty obvious that the advantages can significantly help in ensuring better business productivity.
Working with a dedicated laundry service here in Singapore helps streamline your workflow, make it easier for your manpower to focus on their main tasks and save you a lot of precious time and money.

How to Deal With a Difficult Partner

Anyone who has been in a relationship, whether short- or long-term, can tell you that no two people get along perfectly. Everyone has their own wants, needs, and opinions, which may not always be the same as or may even be in direct conflict with their partner’s.

Most of the time, it takes a little empathy to open up and understand the other side. Though some arguing among couples is common and usually normal, some might find themselves to be in a relationship with someone who turns out to be difficult to deal with.

You’ve heard the saying, “It takes two to tango”. Knowing how to develop open communication between you and your partner/spouse will help you to negotiate a compromise and get you back on the road to happiness. But when you’re the only one dancing, how do you talk to your partner to dance with you? Here are a few ways you can do this:

1. Improve communication

Choosing and preparing what you want to say to your partner is a great way to make sure that you get on the right track and avoid saying what you don’t intend to say, which could instead lead to more disagreements and a heated argument. Be sure to not just point out the problem or the root of your disagreement in a nice way, but also provide a solution or a compromise.

If it helps, write down your thoughts. This helps especially if you are angry with your partner over a recent argument. Getting your thoughts out on paper is a therapeutic way to reduce stress and help you organize your thoughts better, as well as avoid the urge to be negative.

Before the recommendation of psychology counsellor in Singapore, the both of you may try to resolve your issues by having a good conversation. This includes choosing a good time to talk. As much as possible, avoid discussing sensitive issues early in the morning or immediately after getting home from work – the best time might be when your partner is in a good mood, when you can easily set the stage for positive communication.

2. Find the core of the problem and focus on it

There are a lot of factors that could influence your partner/spouse’s negative responses, which can put your problem-solving skills to the test. Some of these could be:

• Your partner/spouse has experienced a traumatic or unpleasant event that has led him or her to be critical of some things in life
• Your partner/spouse could be unhappy with his/her job or something that may not have anything to do with you, and he/she is taking it out on you
• Your partner/spouse may be insecure about his/her job performance, physical performance, or financial independence, which can affect his/her self-confidence and self-esteem

When your partner is upset, try to stay positive as much as possible. It takes courage to be open and vulnerable, even when you disagree or are encountering problems yourself. Start the conversation by being honest with what you think and/or how you feel. However, do use your words carefully and avoid being brutally honest, as this could hurt your partner’s feelings.

You can set the stage for the conversation by being respectful and in turn ask kindly for that respect to be reciprocated. It is essential that you open yourself to the possibility of improvement – though this can hurt you emotionally, communication will be easier if you yourself are open to accept criticism as a way to improve.

One thing you should avoid at all costs is raising your voice or losing your temper, as this could end up in the two of you fighting and nowhere near coming to a resolution.

If you find yourself trying many times to communicate with your partner and he/she constantly avoids discussing the topic by changing it or the two of you end up fighting without resolving anything, you might need to schedule consultation for relationship counselling with a recommended psychologist. These Singapore psychologists can help provide guidance in marital problems.

3. Seek counselling

Sometimes, open communication may not always work, as your partner may be unwilling to look for a compromise no matter how much you try to be respectful and make your thoughts clear. In this case, seeking relationship counselling Singapore should be seen as a healthy option in order to resolve your differences and disagreements with your partner.

Relationship counselling Singapore may not exactly be something to look forward to at first given its stigma. The idea of therapy itself can be terrifying to you at first, and even more with your partner or spouse, but seeking help from a licensed psychologist in Singapore can be greatly beneficial to the two of you once you get past the initial dread.

A lot of individuals seek counselling from a psychologist recognize that they need help to face certain challenges in their lives. The same could also be said for married couples – every couple has their own rough times, after all, and sometimes the only way that certain problems can be resolved is by consulting a psychologist in Singapore.

Relationship counselling can be different that in some cases, it may just be between the psychologist and you, but other sessions can be joint sessions, many of which can either pass in silence or erupt into heated arguments. However, both instances should be seen as normal.

Couples can leave therapy with a renewed intimacy and a better understanding and openness to their partner. Seeking a counsellor or psychologist in Singapore can help you understand your underlying issues as well as discover any internal resources that could help strengthen your relationship.

12 Tips for Apartment-Hunting in Ho Chi Minh City

The blending of the modern Western features and the traditional architecture of Vietnam has made Ho Cho Minh City one of the premium destinations in Southeast Asia for tourists and property investors. This is why there is a demand for villa rental deals, rent a house options, and apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City. However, each district in HCMC offers various housing or rental deals depending on the location, accessibility, and amenities available. For expats looking to rent apartment at HCMC, it is important to remember the following signs when finalizing a deal.

1. Determine how to get to work or school. Before you rent apartment in Saigon, make sure you know how to get to work or school. Not all districts have the best access to public transportation such as districts 2, 3, 5, and 7. If you own a car, make sure to ask the landlord if there is a safe parking space for your automobile within the property complex.

2. Get to know all the districts. Looking for Ho Chi Minh apartments for rent is like looking for a needle in a haystack. You cannot just pick the least expensive deal you can find and fail to consider how far the apartment is from your workplace or school. Each of the 24 districts in HCMC is distinct and the price range of the villa rental, apartments, and rent a house deals will also vary greatly. For example, a condominium rental in district 1 will be more expensive than getting a full deal for rent a house in district 3, because district 1 has a higher price range for rent than district 3. However, an apartment for rent in district 2 might be a better deal for an expat who is looking for a long-term deal than in expensive serviced apartments in district 3.

3. Look for markets and restaurants. The same goes for shopping malls, markets, cafes, and restaurants in the district. Some districts such as districts 5, 7, and 10 are known for the variety of Vietnamese cuisine and Western dishes. But the affordability of the food and the access to restaurants and supermarkets will also impact the convenience of living in certain districts even if there are cheap villa rental or apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City.

4. Look for hospitals and schools. As one of the best cities for expats in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City also boasts of the best hospitals, schools, and universities in the country. But if you are a foreigner looking to rent an apartment at HCMC, you should also consider the districts that cater to foreign students. Districts 7, 10, and Binh Thanh have the most number of internationals schools and universities, that is why they have also several affordable rent a house deals and Saigon apartment rental for families and for individual students.

5. Set a budget and stick to it. You should consider the deal only if you can afford to pay it. There are plenty of cheap but quality apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City, so don’t despair if you cannot find a deal the first time. Financial experts advise that your rent should not exceed 25% of your current income. If you work in district 1, you will still be able to rent apartment at HCMC in the surrounding districts.

6. Make a list of five properties for your initial search. Determine what type of property you can afford based on the number of individuals who will share with the rent (this could be a roommate or a family member). Then, look for the best-reviewed Saigon apartment rental listings or villa rental in the surrounding districts to begin your search. Your final decision does not necessarily have to be limited to the five choices, but they could be your basis for comparison during your search.

7. Visually-inspect the property. Never sign a deal unless you have been allowed to inspect the apartment or house. Be suspicious of landlords who are too eager to agree to a price. How do you know if you’re getting a good deal? Inspect the walls, windows, sinks and faucets, water pressure, electricity and appliances, and the pipes. You might also want to observe how noisy the neighbors are or if you can hear the car horns from the highway.

8. Talk to the neighbors. Take time to ask the neighbors for details about the area and how the landlord treats them. You will gain more invaluable information about renting of accommodation at Masteri in Vietnam located at Thao Dien and getting to know the entire neighborhood this way. You can also ask them where to shop, dine, or which places you should go to for fun and recreation.

9. Compare the amenities and incentives. Do not sign with the first good deal you find when looking to rent an apartment in Saigon. There might be better deals with better amenities and incentives the longer you search.

10. Ask for a complete price breakdown. Before you negotiate with the lease, you should have an idea of the range of the rent in that district then ask for a detailed list of the amenities you’re paying for. The list should include the monthly rent, security deposit, initial payment, and other services.

11. Read and understand the contract. Go over the contract carefully before signing because you don’t want to regret not paying attention to the details after you have paid. The contract should contain the lease agreements but determine which ones are applicable to you or not.

12. Get to know the landlord. You don’t need to be the best of friends with the landlord to get the best villa rental deal, but you should at least have all his/her contact details. It will also be easier to ask for discounts when you rent apartment in Saigon if you build a rapport early on.

Important Questions to Consider When Hiring a Creative Agency

Hiring a creative agency for your business needs is a step-by-step process. While you can just easily browse for options online through a single click, there are factors you need to take into consideration when choosing a creative design agency. As a business owner, you would want to get the value of what you paid for, wouldn’t you?

It is your responsibility to fully know and understand your business and your customers before you hire a branding firm to enhance your efforts. One trick to a successful business is to keep your customers satisfied. Customer satisfaction is one foolproof way to establish your brand’s reputation, thus luring in more potential customers in the long run.

As a result, not only will your business enjoy an increase in ratings and customer feedback, but your sales and profit will also increase.

Why hire a creative agency?
More and more businesses in Singapore seek professional help for creative design services. One leading factor that drives them to do so is the extensive assistance these agencies offer them. A creative agency generally assists businesses with advertising and marketing tasks, especially when the company doesn’t have ample resources to do so (such as basic know-how, staff, and the time).

Hiring a branding consultant also allows you to formulate a strategy to make your business stand out from the rest. In Singapore’s cutthroat business world, it isn’t uncommon to see business endeavors fail even only after months of operation. To make your brand sustainable in the long run, it is important to establish your reputation among loyal patrons and potential customers. That way, your goods and products can be trusted by skeptical consumers.

Hiring a third-party agency for your creative design needs also gives you a chance to expand your customer base. Publicity is what lures more customers to be interested and curious of the Singapore creative services for companies that you offer. The more audience your reach, the more chances of interest you’ll evoke among curious consumers.

The right branding agency can offer you more than just their creative design services. They can also help you brainstorm strategies to maximize sales. If they have been operating for a couple of years now, chances are they are well-versed in the many mistakes businesses have made in the past. They can inform you of the basic to do’s and what not to do’s, but it is always up to your jurisdiction if you keep their advice in mind.

How much are you willing to spend on your business’ marketing strategy?
Hiring a branding agency in Singapore will usually cost you from 800 SGD and above. These deals generally offer you a good load of business creativity and a serious touch of marketing know-hows. However, it is important to have your accountant provide a reasonable price range on which your business can afford to pay for every month. This is to ensure your other business operation needs won’t be compromised by your marketing planning and strategies.

The number will be determined heavily by the type of marketing campaign you are eyeing for, as well as your business’ revenue and goals. Remember that your marketing efforts must have a return on investment (ROI) – so always consult with your accountant over money matters.

Who is your target audience?
Your creative design agency team must be aware of the detailed demographic of your average customers. They must also be informed of what these consumers buy from you, why they buy from you, and where they are buying from geographically across the city-state. This allows your team to come up with a specific marketing strategy that is best suited for what your business needs.

The creative design for your business must not only look good and worth the price, but it must also be impactful enough to lure more customers to patronize the products and services you offer.

What makes your company stand out from the rest?
Highlighting your business’ unique value proposition is important in any marketing campaign. You should be able to pinpoint the reasons why people patronize your products, making what you offer unique from the many competitors you have in the market. Figure out what makes your products and services unique and better – as this gives you an edge in formulating potential advertising and creative design strategies.

Who are your biggest competitors?
Studying your major competitors can gain you an advantage in constructing effective marketing campaigns. Research about three to five of your biggest competitors in the industry so your creative agency can learn about them. As a result, they are likely to understand your audience better and see what your competitors are doing right/wrong.

Keep in mind that your creative agency offers assistance more than just your creative design needs – it is advisable to use their help to your advantage.

Is your company particular on design styles?
Some companies are strict on the design styles they use, even setting up brand guidelines whenever official publicity materials are created. Doing so also protects your company’s branding. If your business is notably particular on design styles, it is best to inform your creative agency about it. The agency will typically inquire you about the basics before they begin their work: such as your brand’s official color codes, fonts, mottos, and the like.

It would help you have plenty of pictures of your products and services saved, as well as a vector image of your logo. Ensure that these important files accessible for your team.

This list is compiled in no particular order.

3 Important Things Your Biometric Access Control Should Provide

Biometric access controls are considered as one of the most effective lock systems that best protects any property from intruders, burglars and any forced break-ins. But before deciding on which biometric lock system to get, take a look first for these important features in your shortlisted products.

1. Integration and Expansion
Large corporate office in Singapore can make use of a biometric door access system without dismantling any existing security, communications, network, and human resource systems already set up. That’s because the biometric door access system can be tailored to suit what is already in place for easy integration and expansion.

You can even talk to your access control system provider about using other systems such as card access door and pin access door system to enhance overall security. Dismantling an old system after all will cost more than expanding what is already effective for your company, so there is no need to worry about wasting your investment in old hardware and software because the biometric door access system is flexible.

2. Security and Reporting
The primary reason for setting up a biometric lock to open door in Singapore is to protect your company from dangerous situations and unauthorized access. However, you need to determine what type of security you wish to set up because that will also affect the type of reporting and the type of authorization method you’re going to use. For example, a biometric thumbprint or fingerprint is ideal for offices that wish to monitor personnel who access specific areas, while the facial biometric can be set up in high-traffic locations for less intrusion but effective security monitoring.

Most access control systems like the biometric access door also readily provide you with activity reports, besides access to unauthorized areas. This means that the biometric door access system can be integrated with already existing features such as the intercom system, security systems, video surveillance, two-way radio, and office closed circuit television in Singapore offices.

3. Connections and Communication
For most buildings in Singapore, the ideal setup would be to use the Internet Protocol for communications, although you could also choose the alternatives. The advantage of using IP for communication is that it does not need control panels and will still work even if the readers will fail. This will assure you that your biometric door access system will still work even if there is a failure in some of the hardware, and all your data will be safe as well.

Wired connections are more stable than wireless connections, but they can be more difficult and costly to set up. Just make sure that there are no blind spots in your wireless connection because that can affect the performance of your biometric door access system.

We recommend getting a closer look at every system you come across with and look for these essential features. Especially if you’re purchasing a system for a commercial property, these features will greatly help in monitoring your property 24/7, from wherever you may be.

How to Determine if Your Plumbing is Properly Installed and Functioning

Home plumbing maintenance can be a tedious task for someone who is not professionally trained in the task, that is why you need to hire a reliable plumber in Singapore to do a thorough inspection of your plumbing works. As a responsible homeowner of business owner, however, there are tasks that you also need to look out for to get the best out of the plumbing services.

Here is a checklist of common plumbing works issues that you should be aware of and when to call the nearest plumbing contractor in Singapore.

Look for Leaks and Signs of Corrosion in Exposed Plumbing

You can easily spot any damage or leaks in exposed pipes in your home or a commercial space, however, since most of the plumbing are covered by the walls, floors, and ceiling, you might not notice the silent leaks that might be damaging the structure. If it is an old building, look for hairline cracks on the concrete, because these are usually the first signs of silent water leaks. Call a professional plumber in Singapore to do a thorough inspection or you could ask your plumbing contractor to schedule regular inspections of the plumbing works.

Inspect the Water and Leaks in the Toilet

Most of the plumbing issues that plague commercial spaces affect the toilets, but the problems are easy to spot if you know what to look for. If there are problems in the handle, most likely, the plumbing has not been inspected for a while.

Clogs and debris could also cause problems, as well as low water pressure and defects in the flush should also be inspected by a reliable plumber in Singapore. If the flusher seems weak, the toilet might need replacement by plumber because the old flushers are prone to accumulation of debris.

Phantom flusher is also a common problem characterized by the change in the water level even if the flusher was not touched. Call a 24 hours plumber to do a test to determine the cause of the problem. You should also watch out for any strange noises in the tank or if the tank fills up slower than usual. Schedule a regular maintenance of your plumbing works to avoid these common toilet problems.

Test the Water Pressure

Have you tried turning on the faucet only to find that the flow of the water is too slow? Low water pressure might be caused by several factors such as a blockage in the faucet, blockage in the plumbing itself, or a water leak somewhere in your plumbing works.

If the problem has not been solved for days even if you inspected the water shutoff valves, you need to call the nearest plumbing services in Singapore to do a thorough inspection. There might be silent leaks in your plumbing that is causing the low water pressure, or the pipes might need to be replaced by an expert plumber.

Inspect the Drains for Clogs

Drains need to be cleaned occasionally to avoid accumulation of debris. Proper maintenance by a licensed plumber in Singapore will ensure that the drains will not be clogged or plugged. Drain cleaning can be done by plumber expertly, so you do not need to rely on commercial products for backed up drains that might not work at all.

To ensure that your plumbing will work well for years, the plumber will inspect the drains in the kitchen, laundry, floor, toilets, shower, bathtub, bathroom sink, main line for drains, and the sewer drain. This is especially important in all commercial and residential spaces to avoid bad odor from your plumbing and foul water from the sinks and drains.

Inspect the Fixtures and Faucets

Dripping faucets are quite common especially in commercial spaces where a lot of people are using the restrooms and kitchens. Make sure that you schedule a regular inspection and maintenance with a plumbing contractor in Singapore to avoid bigger repair jobs caused by simple leaks and defects in the plumbing fixtures.

If you’re planning to replace old fixtures and faucets, do not take chances by doing it yourself. Instead, hire a licensed plumber to do the job. Plumbers can also install the following without hassle on your part: sinks, showers, bathtubs, hot tubs, basins, dishwasher, water heater, water filtration systems, and garbage disposal systems. They can also recommend quality products and upgrades at affordable prices.

Check Your Water Heater

Water heaters are prone to a lot of problems, which is why it’s important to keep to its maintenance schedule. Commercial spaces that use water heaters must invest in quality equipment recommended by the plumbing services and arrange for regular troubleshooting of the devices. Look for a plumbing contractor that knows all the different types of water heaters and offers upgrades and safety equipment for the water heater system,

What to Look for in Licensed Plumbers

Lastly, you need to remember this checklist when looking for a reliable plumber in Singapore to repair your plumbing works, or if you want to have fixtures and equipment installed by a plumbing contractor.

1. Certification and Accreditation

Look for a plumber who is affiliated with a company or organization because these are usually strict with their member or employee requirements. You will also be assured that if anything goes wrong, you know where to go and complain.

2. Insurance

A reliable plumber will have an insurance in case there are problems during the installation or repair. They will pay for the medical expenses and/or damages to the property.

3. 24-Hour Service

A 24 hours plumber in Singapore is important for commercial spaces in case there is an emergency. You don’t have to wait the next day to solve your problem. Simply contact from Singapore for any plumbing emergencies at any time of the day.

4. Rate Transparency

The prices for their services and products should be clear to avoid any surprise costs. Always ask for an estimate or a list of prices from the plumber.

Living with Afib – Lifestyle Management

Atrial fibrillation (Afib) is a common type of heart arrhythmia—an irregularity in the heart’s beating rhythm. It occurs when signals to the heart that coordinate your heartbeat fails to work properly. Some symptoms include fluttering sensations in the chest and feeling like your heart is skipping beats.

Getting diagnosed with atrial fibrillation can be daunting at first. It seems like the condition will dictate your way of living from that moment. However, there are many things you can do to control your Afib symptoms and still be able to live your life normally. Here are some practical tips to help you effectively manage your health condition.

1. Talk to your doctor about how Afib is affecting your life

Even the best cardiologist would not know how you are really feeling, unless you tell them. They will not know how you feel inside or if you are getting better (or worse) with the treatment they tailor for you, if you keep mum about it. Do you limit yourself from doing certain activities that might trigger your Afib symptoms? What activities are you allowed and not allowed to do because of your condition? Ask your Singapore cardiologist heart doctor about how you can pace yourself when doing certain activities and when you should call your cardiologist immediately.

2. Take your medications as prescribed by your cardiologist

Just like any other health problem, medication is an important part of the treatment plan. You will be able to manage your heart rate and your risk of stroke more effectively if you take your medications the right way. If you experience any side effect, make sure to let your cardiologist know about it. Never stop or start taking medications without consulting your doctor about it. Over time, the health condition can change the size and shape of the heart and how the electrical signals behave. Your medications will need to be changed or adjusted, and your heart surgeon may recommend getting therapies like cardioversion to help the heart work in normal rhythm.

3. Limit your meat and dairy intake

As what you have probably heard in most health news, animal-based foods, like cheese, butter, ice cream, whole milk and meats, contain an incredible amount of saturated fats, which is not good for the heart. Limit your saturated fat only to 10 percent of your daily calorie requirement by choosing lean meats and low-fat dairy products. Also, try to avoid fried and processed food.

4. Include more fish in your diet

Fish contain unsaturated fats, making it the ideal type of meat for people with Afib. Your cardiologist will likely recommend having first at least two to three times a week. However, when preparing, avoid deep fried and saucy recipes. Stick to healthier cooking techniques, like broiling, steaming and grilling.

5. Enjoy making yourself heart-healthy meals

Do not trick yourself into eating healthy foods, but preparing them in a fattening way. Perhaps, you have lean meat, but instead of say roasting them, you fry them or load them up with lots of seasoning. If you have vegetables, steam them instead of sautéing them and smothering them with butter, salt or sugar. Finally, if your recipe does require some fat, use unsaturated ones like pure coconut oil and olive oil, instead of lard or butter.

6. Keep your exercises moderate

Moderate exercise is good for most people, especially to those with atrial fibrillation. However, make sure not to excessively raise your heart rate by avoiding strenuous exercises. It is believed that Afib risk is higher in endurance athletes, such as cyclists and runners. So, people diagnosed with Afib are encouraged to only perform light to moderate exercises, while avoiding extreme sports altogether. If you feel like an Afib symptom is about to attack while you are in the middle of your exercise, stop what you’re doing and follow the recommendations of your cardiologist in managing attacks.

7. Avoid taking over-the-counter allergy and cold medicines

Many over-the-counter medicines available here in Singapore contain stimulants, which can speed up heart rate and possibly trigger Afib attack. Stimulants can also interfere with the Afib medications you are taking to control your heartbeat rhythm. Some OTC medications to avoid are nasal sprays, allergy medications, some herbal medicines and cough and cold medicine. Always consult your heart doctor before taking any OTC medication.

8. Find ways to reduce stress

Emotional stress is said to be one of the major triggers for symptoms in many people diagnosed with Afib here in Singapore. Having this unpredictable disease is already worrying; add in the stress you get from your day-to-day life, and you’re on the way to the onset of an Afib episode. By reading reputable sites like from Singapore to increase your heart knowledge, to reduce stress, identify first the source of the stress and adopt your own coping strategy. For example, learn to say ‘no’ when ask to take on more tasks than you can comfortably handle. Practice positive self-talk and deep breathing exercises. Most importantly, get enough sleep and have some time to enjoy the things you love doing.

9. Get screened regularly

Whether or not you’re diagnosed with Afib, regular heart screening is a must. Especially for people Afib, regular heart screening lets you and your heart surgeon monitor your cardiovascular health. By performing such this test, your heart doctor can formulate or adjust your treatment plan according to what’s suitable for your case.

Just because you are diagnosed with atrial fibrillation does not mean you are stuck to live a sedentary life. Keeping in mind these pro-active tips will help you manage your condition and still be able to live your life to the fullest.

*This list is compiled in no particular order.*

The Pros and Cons of Goods Logistics

Moving products from the markets and goods business to shops and consumers has been as essential part of any goods enterprise for hundreds of years. Great nations and empires have come and gone, but the methods of moving products from their origin to the different distributors has hardly changed, however, the recent changes in, transportation and communication has made it possible to deliver products faster, safer, and more convenient. While most products are still essentially moved through the same channels, by air, land and sea, there are important differences when it comes to business logistics that every entrepreneur in Singapore should be aware of.

Pros and Cons of Land Freight

Land or road freight, the services that usually comprise local freight, can either be through road transport or rail transport. But wait, why would Singapore businessmen need these two? That’s because product logistics does not only mean local freight from local supplier to the shops, but it is only a part of the freight forwarding process that sometimes involves all three methods, land, sea and air freight, when it comes to importation and exportation.

Road transport is used to transport goods from distributors to customers or from retail to distributors, especially perishable goods. Rail transport on the other hand is commonly used for long transits across Asia and Europe, carrying a variety of goods. Your Singapore freight forwarder will arrange the mode of transportation with a logistics company with the best type of freight forwarding services or a combination of different transportation modes (called multimodal) to get from one point to the next.

Road freight is quick, cost-effective, can be tracked easily especially for local freight, and may be used for door-to-door transport. However, the cargo size is limited, the travel is slow and expensive over long distances, and may be affected by the road and weather conditions. The rail freight can carry more cargo, is cheaper for long distances, is transit-sensitive, and is more environment-friendly than trucks.

However, this is expensive, prone to delays, and not ideal for short distances. Land freight is considered generally to be the slowest freight forwarding services, but it has more access to local areas, less susceptible to environmental factors during travel, and can easily adjust to changes in routes on a short notice.

Pros and Cons of Sea/Ocean Freight

When it comes to international freight, companies in Singapore can rely on the consistency of the sea freight, because it’s the most commonly used transportation method by the freight forwarding company for distant suppliers or distributors. Sea freight is cheaper than air freight, but this is only an advantage when you can maximize the containers that are charged by the weight.

Companies with only fewer goods to transport often have to negotiate with a logistics company to share a container with another company, but a freight forwarder can easily do this for you instead of relying on an individual freight broker. This also means that large and heavy shipments and heavy and bulky products can benefit more from ocean or sea freight, although you still have to consider additional charges in the area of destination.

However, sea or ocean freight is slower than air freight when transporting goods, because the products will usually take a month or more to arrive, whereas the air freight can take two days or less to deliver the goods. Sea freight therefore is not ideal for perishable and time-sensitive products, and the sender must always prepare for the length of time it requires to get to the destination.

The shipping company that will handle the freight forwarding services will also have to take note of the trade lane that ocean carriers observe and the possibility of disruptions due to bad weather. There is always a risk of damage to the goods as well due to the longer waiting time at the ports.

Pros and Cons of Air Freight

Air freight is the best choice of the shipping company in Singapore if they need to transport goods over long distances. International freight is more complicated than local freight especially when negotiating with the logistics services company, but air freight usually addresses the problems with sensitive and perishable goods that have short lead times, are in high demand, have short supply in the area, and are fragile. If you choose to partner with a freight forwarder in Singapore like to transport your goods locally or overseas, they will be the one to bear the burden of determining whether the bulk and value ratio will affect the price and fees of transportation—no hassle for you.

Why is this important? That’s because air freight is subject to a lot of customs restrictions and excise restrictions in different countries. It is also expensive and might not be worth the price if the bulk and value of the goods are cheaper than the cost to transport them, and the method is prone to flight delays and cancellations if there are security threats, safety issues, and weather disturbances. There are also size limitations to the goods because there are size and weight limitations that must be observed.

However, air freight is very useful for fast deliveries because goods can arrive at their destination within 48 hours or less, high-demand products can easily be supplied if there is a shortage, delays in delivery are rare, shipping variety is flexible, the lead time of the suppliers are reduced, and the freight forwarding services is higher because the goods do not suffer shipping damage. A lot of logistics company also prefer this method when it comes to long-distance transportation because it reduces potential obstacles and accidents more common in land and sea freight.

Knowing the Different Types of Electricians and Their Jobs

Looking for a licensed electrician in Singapore? Not only do you need to understand the type of work you will need to fix electrical works problems at home, but you should also have an idea about the specialties that some electrician services companies offer.

History of the Profession

The term electrician used to describe individuals who studied the principles and properties of electricity and developed ways to harness its energy for use, but later on it has been used to describe experts in the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of electrical works and equipment.

In other countries, a licensed electrician belongs to one of the two major classes, the linemen and the wiremen. The former is responsible for maintaining the electric utilities that provide energy to the public, while the latter are responsible for the maintenance and troubleshooting of residential, commercial, and industrial wiring. The good electrician you hired to install your wiring at home belongs to the wiremen category. There is also a subcategory called service electricians and auto electricians responsible for isolated upgrades and repairs. Some of them work with other specialists when constructing buildings, while others specialize in stage, theater, television, and film.

Depending on where the electrician has trained, he/she is classified into one of the three levels that are accepted by several countries around the world; these are apprentice, journeyman, and master electrician. The license and training will vary depending on where the electrician is located.

Electrician Training and Regulation

Singapore also has a set of regulations and restrictions that a licensed electrician services from Singapore must follow regardless of the class and the level. After all, working with electricity entails risk of accidents, that is why you should only hire a good electrician with a license and insurance to protect yourself and your home. The insurance will not just cover the costs for accidents and medical bills in case something unfortunate happens to the electrician, but it will also pay for damages to the structure.

Another indication that you are dealing with a legitimate electrician services company is the quality of the tools they use. You do not need to be well-versed in their functions, but you should keep in mind some of the common tools that an electrician should carry while doing a site inspection before any work can commence. A licensed electrician always carries an of the following tools: voltage tester, pliers, wire stripper, conduit bender, cable cutter, drill bit, multimeter, insulation tester, voltmeter, GFI/GFCI tester, fish tape, crimping tools, knockout punch, and other tools. The licensed electrician must also wear safety equipment when doing the inspection, installation, or repair to prevent accidents. Be wary of an electrician who does not have any of the tools above.

Lastly, an electrician who is a member of a trade organization is a better choice than individual electricians with no affiliations.

Electrician Specializations

1. Residential Electrician. Some electricians focus primarily in addressing the needs of residential spaces and are well-versed in the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of electrical equipment, such as lighting, heating and cooling, and others.

2. Commercial Electrician. A licensed electrician can also specialize in the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of electrical equipment and wiring in commercial spaces, as well as public safety in general. They are also well-versed in the installation of security systems, most electronic systems, and cooling and heating systems that are needed in offices. If you wish to upgrade some of your electrical equipment in your business, you should contact a licensed electrician who specializes in this task and who can work with other service contractors.

3. Service Electrician. A residential or a commercial electrician might also belong to this category. A service electrician primarily focuses on minor troubleshooting and repairs of electrical works.

4. Construction Electrician. This specialization deals with the layout, installation, and connection of the wirings in buildings. You can also hire a construction electrician if you are planning to repair or renovate a residential or commercial building, especially if the electrical works are older than 25 years and in need of an upgrade. The construction electrician will be able to work together with other specialists working on the same project.

5. Industrial Electrician. This specialization focuses on the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of industrial equipment. They must also be well-versed in blueprint reading, electronics, robotics, and instrumentation control systems.

6. Journeymen Electrician.
A journeyman, also called a lineman, specializes in the communications systems, mechanical connections, lighting, security systems, and power supply in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. They are also trained to work with construction firms in new buildings.

7. Master Electrician. This specialization lets a licensed electrician supervise a team of electricians while working on the project. Because of the demands of the job, the master electrician must be well-versed in all types of electrical systems from the installation to troubleshooting. Additionally, he/she must also possess managerial skills, that is why in most cases, the master electrician is also the owner of an electrician services company. Some of them also have additional training, certifications, and a degree in electrical engineering.

Other electrician specializations include marine electricians who work on a ship, research electricians who check electrical circuits in industrial and commercial facilities, highway systems electricians, oil rig electricians, and substation electricians.

Finding an Electrician

Although there is no need for you to remember all of these specializations, it’s important to get an idea about the training and experience of a licensed electrician when you need to hire one, whether it’s for your home, commercial or industrial property.

To find a good electrician in Singapore, never forget to look for the following qualities:

• License and insurance
• List of services and pricing
• Experience and specialization
• Excellent customer service

Being able to find a reliable electrician from Singapore like is an essential factor in ensuring the safety of your property, whether it is residential, commercial or industrial facility.

How Estate Management Can Help Improve Your Business

For entrepreneurs in Singapore who own residential complexes such as apartments, hiring a condo manager might seem like an added expense, but there are a lot of tasks which a property management expert can do for you.

Let’s look at the benefits of hiring a managing agent for your business and other properties.

Advertising and Promotion

To have shorter vacancy cycles, the property management team can help you advertise and promote your properties through the following: improvement and preparation of the property for rent, determining the best rental rate that is attractive to tenants but will also be a good deal for the landlord, and negotiation of advertising rates for your property.

Rental Collection

To have shorter vacancy cycles, your property manager can help you advertise and promote your properties by doing the following: improving and preparing the property for rent, determining the best rental rate that is attractive to tenants but will also be a good deal for the landlord, and negotiation of advertising rates for your property. When looking into the maintenance works of your property, look for the best property management in Singapore to ensure superior quality works.

Tenant Screening

Tenant screening can be a stressful process especially if you do not have training and experience when it comes to real estate. You will need to check the applicant’s credit history, rental history, public records, criminal records, employment verifications, recommendations and references, and other related information. The problem with the screening process is that some of the documents can be easily faked if you do not know what to look for.

However, you can avoid problematic tenants with the help of a property management firm in Singapore who has a reliable screening process for tenant selection. The condo manager will make sure that the applicants can pay the rent for a long-term contract and pay the monthly fees on time, the tenant will cause few problems with neighbors, and will take care of the unit and the property. An experienced managing agent in Singapore can easily see through the red flags in the applications, making sure you can avoid scams and bad tenants.

Better Staff Hiring

The managing agent sent by the property management company in Singapore will also be able to help you hire staff to maintain your properties. They will act a supervisor for the other employees, manage the budget to make sure that the building will operate within the budget you have set, and to maintain all the important records. You can delegate the task of hiring, managing, and firing employees, as well as setting the salary of your employees to the managing agent if you do not have time to do these on your own.

Better Rental Agreements

If an expert is handling estate maintenance for you, then you are assured that you are getting the best deals every time. This means that a condo manager can help you with long-term rentals because they can create better retention policies that will benefit both the landlord and its tenants. This expertise requires knowledge about effective property management and experience in dealing with different tenants.

If you can keep your tenants happy, then they are most likely to stay longer in your apartment, resulting in less expenses for campaigning and advertising to get more tenants. Plus, the good tenant screening process will ensure that you will have shorter periods of vacancy because they will determine the optimal rent rate based on information about similar rental units and the real estate market.

Point of Contact for Tenants

Although your condo manager will act as your liaison with your tenants and contractors, it does not mean he/she will act as a house-sitter. The property management team is responsible for ensuring that the daily operations in your properties are performed, for responding during emergencies, ensuring that someone is available as a point of contact for tenants and vendors, making sure that your properties and its systems are performing efficiently, and to act as your informer to make sure you are updated about how to make the most out of your investment.

If you have other business ventures, it will not be possible for you to attend to tenant concerns 24/7, that is why managing agent can hire staff to address such concerns, or he/she can inspect the property himself/herself on your behalf.

Maintenance and Repair Schedule

To maintain the value of your property, it is important to ensure that regular checks are carried out. Your condo estate manager can help ease off the stress of determining whether the property will need maintenance and repair. This will reduce the cost of major repairs because minor problems can be addressed as soon as possible. The condo manager can arrange a deal with contractors after reporting to you that there are important renovations and repair projects that need to be done. A well-maintained apartment will cost less for operations and maintenance if it can keep its scheduled servicing.

Legal Issues Assistance

Not all landowners are experienced with taxes and legal issues, which is why hiring a managing agent to help with estate maintenance is a good move to protect your investment. You can consult the property management team for any legal and financial issues, because they are experts in legal obligations, taxation, and real estate. There are cases where one problem tenant has caused the landlord a lot of headache because the latter did not have enough knowledge about lease contracts, termination of leases, security deposits, rental collection, taxes, and other issues.

Turn Your Dream into Reality with Your Own Beach Villa or Condo

With the ongoing resort and residential expansion of the Dự án Hồ Tràm or the Kahuna Ho Tram in Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu, Vietnam, your dreams of a beach villa for sale and a villa beside a golf course is within your reach. You will not regret the opportunities of property investment and holiday resort investment offered at the Condotel, Double Key Garden Villas, and Single Key Beach Front Villas, which were all designed to give you a spectacular sight of the beach front of Kahuna Ho Tram Strip.

Introducing the Kahuna Ho Tram
The sleepy fishing town of Hồ Tràm is poised to join world-class entertainment and hotel resorts found in Las Vegas, Macau, and Phuket with the growth of the Kahuna Ho Tram. Named after the Hawaii’s large and compelling beach waves, Kahuna Ho Tram boasts of facilities and amenities that can compete with the best hotels, resorts, golf courses, and casino in the world. The Kahuna Ho Tram Strip is just one of the key sites in the area located just to the north of The Grand.

Let’s get to know the other prime destinations in Dự án Hồ Tràm.

• The Bluffs Ho Tram. If you love golfing, then you might have heard of this world-class 18-hole golf course at Kahuna Ho Tram at Vietnam designed by former golfer Greg Norman. Included among its topnotch facilities are the clubhouse, golf academy, infinity restaurant, banquet room, pro shop, locker rooms, and a practice area.

• Gallery Villas Ho Tram. Located at The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip, the Gallery Villas feature sixty luxury residential units overlooking the beaches and the dunes.

• The Grand Ho Tram Strip. The five-star hotel boasts of its premier entertainment, shopping, and dining facilities where both Asian and western themes meet. It includes a casino, night club, and game center besides the beachfront pools and restaurants that serves a variety of dishes from around the world. Choose to play some of the many games from the world-famous casino: blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat, and sic bo.

• Kahuna Ho Tram Strip. This is the name for the section that includes the residential tower, beach villa for sale, and condotel if you want to invest in condo. It is located near The Bluffs, where you can have your own villa beside the golf course, and the gallery Villas. A second tower called the Beach Club is also near the Grand Ho Tram Strip where up to 559 rooms are open for guests.

Kahuna Ho Tram Condotel
Want a family Vung Tau condo? The Condotel tower at Kahuna Ho Tram Resort is a twelve-story tower inspired by the luxury cruise ship and houses a total of 164 units. There’s a total of 130 standard units, 2 ground floor corner units (both with private pools), 8 penthouses (which includes private pools), 10 ground floor standard units (all with private pools), and 14 corner units (each with private Jacuzzis).

Invest in condo by choosing one of the Standard Units. There are three designs with one bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 living room and kitchen, and balcony; and one style with a private swimming pool is also available.

For the Corner Units, there are two styles with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room and kitchen, balcony, and Jacuzzi; while one style has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room and kitchen, and swimming pool.

Each Penthouse has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room and kitchen, balcony, and swimming pool.

Double Key Garden Villas
There is a total of 36 Double Key Garden Villas in the Kahuna Ho Tram Strip, which are premium property investment or can be bought as holiday resort investment. Each beach villa for sale includes a private garden, private pool, a pond and a common waterway. The two-story units have a 2-bedroom unit, kitchen and dining area, and living room on the first level, and one bedroom and Jacuzzi on the second level.

Anyone who wants to own a unit of villa beside golf course can use the garden villa for sale either as a three-bedroom unit or as two separate units for guests. To view the English version of the site and know more about the garden villas of Kahuna Ho Tram, you may view it from

Single Key Beach Front Villas
The design of the Single Key Beach Front Villas is similar to the Double Key Garden Villas, but are more spacious and include a private swimming pool, maid’s suit, and three master bedrooms.

A total of eight two-story villas are available as property investment, so you can live near one of Vietnam’s most stunning beaches.

Problems that Plague a Central Air Conditioning System

Central air conditioning is a type of air conditioning system that is distinct from the window unit types and portable units, although the operating principles of all three varieties are the same. Is there a significant difference in the aircon maintenance and aircon repair if you have a central or ducted air conditioning? And what are the common problems of such a setup that need the expertise of aircon servicing company in Singapore?

What is a Central Air Conditioner?
Also called a ducted air conditioner, the central air conditioner is designed for commercial spaces and whole-house cooling system. One variety is a type of split-system air conditioner that has a heat exchange for both the interior and exterior spaces, unlike the window-type air conditioners typically seen at apartment units in Singapore. The packaged unit types have a more compact design because the compressor, evaporator, and condenser are all housed in one unit, unlike the split-system, which has separate cabinets for the outdoor compressor and condenser and the indoor evaporator.

Aircon servicing companies in Singapore recommend the central air conditioning system for commercial spaces and large homes, because they are more efficient than window-type air conditioners. They are also easier to operate and use less energy than a couple of window-type air conditioners combined. The aircon technician in Singapore will recommend the energy-efficient models that use 30% to 50% less energy. If you already have a central air conditioner, you should schedule an aircon maintenance to check if your unit needs to have its compressor replaced.

Does My Central Air Conditioner Need Repair?
However, older models might cost more when it comes to aircon repair because modern air conditioner designs, parts, and refrigerants have changed. If this is the case, then you should call an aircon servicing company to replace your old model with an energy-efficient unit. It’s important to ask an expert aircon technician to carry out aircon servicing at Singapore when it comes to proper sizes, installation, insulation, and duct installation.

Look for a central air conditioner with the following features:
1. Operates quietly
2. Air speed handler
3. Thermal expansion valve
4. High-temperature rating of more than 11.6
5. Fan-only switch
6. Automatic-delay fan switch
7. Filter check light

How Do You Know if There is a Problem?
Improper installation of the air conditioner can cause a lot of problems even if there is scheduled maintenance, that is why you should hire an expert technician during the installation because there are special requirements for the ducts and the placement of the condenser, compressor, and evaporator.

However, improper installation is not just the only problem when it comes to a ductless air conditioner system. You should also look out for the following problems and call aircon repair services as soon as possible.

1. Low Refrigerant Levels. Maintaining the proper levels of the refrigerant is important in any type of air conditioner, but the ductless system is more prone to this type of problem because the refrigerant lines can be found in a variety of air handlers. Common signs of trouble include uneven cooling and/or heating and changes in the temperature even if the dials were not adjusted. If this problem is ignored, it could lead to a total breakdown of the central air conditioner that will cost more for aircon repair.

2. Air Handler Problems. The ductless system is prone to problems with its air handlers because there is a system of lines such as the refrigerant, power, and condensate lines that are also part of it. If one of more of these lines are broken and there is a leak, moisture will form at the air handler installed on the wall. The water can potentially damage the structure of your building or home as well as the air conditioner itself. Aircon repair will also be expensive if the air handler itself is broken, because it could point to other sources of problem, such as a failed motor or a broken component. Proper aircon servicing can prevent these from happening.

3. Dirty Air Conditioner Compressor. The outdoor compressor is exposed to the elements, that is why if there is a problem with the system, you should also check if the compressor is in good condition. Sometimes the air conditioner will run, but will not cool at all if the filter is dirty, the compressor is full of dirt and debris or if ice has formed on the coils. You can fix these yourself by cleaning the filter and compressor and turning on the fan to melt the ice on the coils, but it is better to call in a professional aircon servicing crew to avoid amateur mistakes.

4. Thermostat Doesn’t Work. If your central air conditioner does not work at all, the first thing you should check are the electrical panels and then the circuit panels for a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. If resetting the unit does not work, it means that there could be a problem in the fan motor, compressor or capacitor. An expert aircon repair crew in Singapore can easily track down problems in the circuit. Do not try to fix the thermostat, wires, and compressor yourself because it could lead to more problems and an expensive aircon repair.

5. Air Conditioner Doesn’t Produce Air. If you notice that the air handler isn’t blowing cool air properly, then it means the air conditioner has not been inspected and cleaned for a long time. The problem could be caused by a dirty or frozen evaporator coil, dirty filters, broken fan motor, frozen coils, or a dirty blower. Hire an aircon servicing company to clean and/or replace these parts.

Note: This list is compiled in no particular order.

Tips to Avoid Bruising from Injectable Treatments

No one likes any sorts of discoloration, particularly bruising, in the skin. But undergoing a cosmetic procedure guarantees bruising occurrences after getting either Botox or injectable filler treatments, or going through procedures such as facelift, rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty.

Luckily, there’s been a growing intersection between Eastern and Western medicines, and that all-natural supplements are already widely available to prevent bruising, as well as to expedite post-treatment recovery. Apart from that, we’ve also listed some tips that could help you avoid bruising after your injectable treatment.

1. Apply cold compress to the injection site pre and post-treatment. Ask your physician or any of his assistants in the aesthetic clinic for some cold compress before and after undergoing an injectable treatment. Apply the pack to the injection site for 5 to 15 minutes before going through the treatment. It might be uncomfortable but applying a cold pack directly to the area will constrict your blood vessels, making it less likely to get in the way of the needle, thus, reducing the chances of bruising.

2. Try not to move while as the treatment takes place. Before going through an injectable procedure – nose fillers for example – it’s important that you’re comfortable and relaxed. You might even notice your surgeon trying to make you feel such before pushing through with the treatment. Though flinching movements are involuntary, it would still be best if you minimize or if possible, avoid any forms of movement while doing nose fillers in Singapore because even the slightest movement could cause the needle to go much deeper than it’s supposed to go or get into the wrong place, which later on results to bruising.

3. Use Arnica Montana. Arnica Montana is a dietary supplement that has long been used to reduce post-treatment bleeding and inflammation. Purchase this supplement in natural food stores or vitamin shops near your area in Singapore. If you prefer using a topical cream, then apply Arnica topical gel or cream to your bruises. But do check with your aesthetic clinic or the surgeon who performed your procedure first if you won’t be facing any health concerns if you start using the supplement or the topical cream.

4. Blunt-tipped cannulas to inject filler. This is one of the effective ways to inject fillers using a specific type of needle and technique, which provides lesser trauma to skin, resulting to lesser bruise occurrences. But not all aesthetic clinics in Singapore use this technique to inject fillers, either because there are only a few people who are trained to use such instrument or they just simply don’t want to shell out extra money to get hold of these cannulas. So if your surgeon recommends using this method to inject your nose fillers, don’t hesitate to try it. You’ll definitely be awed with lack of pain that you’ll experience during the treatment, as well as the fascinating results that you’ll get from the procedure.

5. Put your color-correcting concealer palette to use. This might not be a way to prevent bruising but it’s a great idea to have this on hand if you do get bruised after the treatment. When all else fails, simply run pull out your concealer palette to cover up your light bruises. Purchase a 5-color palette concealer to help you counteract the color changes that will possibly occur to your bruises. With this just sitting at your makeup case, you no longer need to go out and buy different sets of concealer to disguise your bruises.

6. Avoid excessive contact with the injection site. As much as possible, avoid having any form of contact with the treated area on the first 6 hours after your treatment – except when it’s already time to apply arnica. It would also help if you won’t put too much pressure in the treated area to avoid any dislodgements or complications like bruising and swelling.

Truth be told, bruising after undergoing an injectable filler is pretty common, but by following these tips, it’s possible to decrease your chances of experiencing such unsightly marks and enjoy the results that your treatment will provide.

The 12 Benefits of a CRM System

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an essential tool for any growing business in Singapore. Adapting an effective CRM software for your sales team means that you are not just providing them with a tracking tool, but a system that will optimize their overall performance.

Let’s look at the twelve benefits of a CRM system for your business’ sales management.

1. Better and Safer Storage. Documents that help the sales management team organize their tasks and activities can be stored safely in a cloud CRM setup that is easy to install and maintain when you hire a CRM system provider in Singapore. You are assured that all the data related to your customers, possible clients, schedules, sales opportunities and leads, and other related information will not get lost easily. You can also easily access all the information on any device as long as you are connected to the Internet, as well as back up all the information as a precaution in case your physical documents are lost.

2. Better Planning and Time Management. It will be easier to monitor the sales team’s progress through a CRM software, because you can determine in real-time which tasks should be. This will make your employees’ tasks much easier, allowing them to focus on pursuing customers instead of doing tasks that are not related to sales. As the head of the sales management, the CRM system will also allow you to look for possible improvements in the organization and schedule trainings and seminars to help your employees grow.

3. Create Sales Reports Without a Hassle. Your sales team with a CRM system in Singapore can easily create their sales report, whether it’s on a weekly or monthly basis through the customer relationship management system. The CRM software is equipped with tools to process the data automatically and transparently with just a few clicks. It can be accessed anytime and anywhere, so that the sales reports are up-to-date and accurate.

4. Create Updated Documents. Not only will you be able to create updated sales reports, but you can also process other information stored in the CRM system for your office needs. Data is organized, accessible, and safe to use for all employees. Other features also make document organization and sharing much easier, because the CRM software, such as the cloud CRM, also includes document templates, selling patterns, selling processes, e-mail integration, and other communication tools.

5. Effective Progress Tracking. By being able to monitor the progress of the sales team, it will also be easy to identify valuable information from all the data gathered to come up with sales opportunities based on several criteria. This will save you time in trying to track down possible sales leads, so that the team can focus on pursuing those opportunities. Hours are wasted in gathering data and interpreting them to determine which can be used, but with a CRM software, the process is easier.

6. Effective Sales Practices to Help Reach Goals. By being able to serve your customers more effectively, your company will also be able to reach its sales goals faster. The CRM system will help streamline sales processes, so that your employees can focus more on selling instead of coming up with data to pursue sales leads.

7. Provide Excellent Customer Service. Accurate and updated information will help you tailor your customer services more effectively, because you have a better idea of what their needs and wants are. Problem-solving is also easier because your employees will be more than happy to help the customers.

8. Provide Better Ways to Manage Administrative Jobs. Reducing administrative tasks among the sales team members will give them more time to pursue sales leads. By setting up an effective CRM software, you will reduce errors and streamline office processes. The CRM software also stores important information that will help sales management; such as, product specifications, customer contact details, price details, reminders for activities and meetings, and the guideline for sales.

9. Attract More Customers. One of the most useful features of the CRM system is to come up with data that will determine possible sales leads. Based on the information gathered by the sales team, the CRM software can provide a profile of possible customers to increase your revenue. You can analyze all the related information, anticipate problems, and find ways to increase overall customer satisfaction. That does not mean, however, that the CRM system automatically guarantees an increase in sales, but it is a useful tool that you can use to achieve that.

10. Enhance Communication. The CRM software is a useful tool to help you keep up with scheduled meetings, trainings, and contacts. It will help sales management determine when customers should be contacted to increase chances of improving sales. You can easily track your schedule for contacting targets, process data, prepare documents, renew contracts, and upsell a new product and/or service. It doesn’t just stop there, however. The CRM system is also effective in increasing overall employee collaboration. They will feel empowered and knowledgeable in their jobs, factors that will also affect their performance.

11. Save and Earn More Money. Your company will be able to save more time and money on administrative tasks that sometimes take up most of the time of your sales team. There will be fewer errors in the processing and storage of data that could potentially cost your company thousands. Small companies in Singapore that are hesitant about the setup cost of a CRM system can hire a third-party provider for a cloud CRM. It is a one-time investment that will save your company a lot of money in the long run.

12. Improve Overall Client Service. The goal of setting up a CRM software is to improve your relationship with your clients and customers. After all, a client or customer who feels important through quality customer service will also be happy with the company. By knowing what your customer’s needs and wants are, you will be able to provide better solutions to meet their expectations.

*This list is compiled in no particular order.*

What Can PBX and VoIP System Do for Your Company?

With the rapid advances in technology and communications in the past two decades, it is now possible to connect to any employee, client, and customer outside Singapore through VoIP or using hosted PABX. But what does a new system have that traditional telephony cannot offer to the company, even if the latter has been tried and tested for many years even before the Internet became available for a lot of people?

To answer that question, we need to answer ten important questions about VoIP.

1. What are Traditional and Digital Telephony?

The first telephones used the pulses that were sent down the line to indicate the numbers and send voice and signal connections. This was called the plain old telephone service (POTS) that also served offices for years through national phone networks. Later, new features such as caller ID, speed calling, and call waiting were included for the benefit of large businesses; and instead of the pulses, the phones used tones to route calls. These were further developed with the use of transistors, digital memory, and microchips for digital telephony.

2. What is PBX?

The communication system referred to above uses trunks to connect the central office switch and the company’s telephone system. Unlike in today’s VoIP Singapore, there is an internal phone system as well as a connection outside the company, so that employees, clients, and customers can call in or out. This system is called the PBX or private branch exchange system, which links both the trunk and the branches. The trunk is the connection of the company’s telephone system to a service provider, which is possible through analog, digital, and SIP. For large companies in Singapore, there is no need to buy separate lines for each phone, and this allows for a cost-effective Singapore voip communications system.

3. What is VoIP and its Benefits?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which is a system that places data into packets complete with instructions where to send the message. Unlike digital telephony, VoIP has no fixed connection because data networks are shared. Large files or messages can be broken down into smaller packets and don’t have to be received in real time, unlike traditional telephony. This is how VoIP Singapore makes it possible to send voice, video, and other files, and to make long-distance and international calls for a cheaper price.

4. What is Hosted PBX?

Some companies prefer to hire a third-party provider for their VoIP in a system called hosted PBX, because they don’t have to spend money to set up their own equipment. In hosted PABX, hosted means that the hardware and the PBX are provided in an off-site location by another company. This is beneficial to companies who want to enjoy the benefits of a PBX phone system, but do not have the capital expenditure or IT experts to set up, install, operate, and troubleshoot the equipment. You could also arrange for a setup to host your own company’s VoIP, but the PBX is hosted by the provider’s data center.

5. What is Hosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP system is just another name for hosted PBX. If your company doesn’t have the resources to replace and upgrade the hardware and software, you can hire a third-party provider regardless of the type of VoIP service you have; whether it’s cloud VoIP or an IP PBX telephone system. This setup is especially beneficial to small and medium-scale enterprises that are still planning to expand in the future, because it’s easy to upgrade.

6. What is On-Site PBX?

On-site PBX phone system is the opposite of hosted PBX, in which the company creates its own private PBX by installing all the needed hardware and software. This is ideal for companies that want to have secure connections, like private cloud VoIP instead of using the public cloud for data storage. An on-site PBX phone system, however, has a lot of disadvantages, especially if the company is not willing to spend extra money for training personnel, hire IT staff, and install, upgrade, replace, and troubleshoot hardware and software. Some IT experts prefer the hybrid type where the company hosts some of its PBX and then hires a third-party provider for the others.

7. What is SIP?

SIP stands for session initiation protocol, or a better form of signaling than the one used in analog and digital telephony. With SIP, it’s possible to do more than just voice calls. Most SIP phones, sometimes referred to as IP phones, can work on different systems, unlike the digital phones. IP phones, which are necessary for most VoIP services, are connected to both the telephone control unit and the data network. Some digital phones still need a lot of equipment to support IP, but more phones are now IP-based.

8. What is IP PBX Phone System?

An IP PBX telephone system in VoIP Singapore has all the benefits of a traditional PBX phone system, such as; automatic call distribution, automated call answers, automated greetings, custom music for calls on hold, voice message recording, internal calls between stations, and one phone number for the company. IP PBX telephone system has additional benefits, however, because it is scalable, easier to manage, and has several enhanced features. It’s ideal for companies of any size, because it’s also easy to upgrade.

9. What is Cloud VoIP?

Cloud VoIP in hosted PABX uses a third-party provider that offers advanced features such as conference bridges, extension dialing, and auto attendants. This is usually recommended for small and medium-sized companies in Singapore that cannot have their own IT department or the budget for the necessary equipment.

10. What are Private Cloud and Hybrid?

Some companies have their own phone system, but prefer to have their server hosted off-site; while others have sites with dedicated servers in one location, although some of the technology is hosted in another location. The former is what is known as private cloud, while the latter is called hybrid.

Things to Consider Before Registering Your Trademark

A registered mark is a necessity for any business enterprise. Why? Because after a business has successfully register trademark, the company then becomes the sole owner of the trademark or brand name, and brand ownership comes with perks such as gaining the statutory right to exclusively use the mark whichever way they deem fit.
Trademark registration also enables a business to legally prevent others from copying the trademark. Furthermore, your company will benefit from the mark’s increasing market value (granted the goods and services you offer are of good quality, garnering a good reputation among customers). After all, what person wouldn’t want to patronize a brand which provides nothing but quality assurance?

Should you register your trademark?
It is encouraged for any start-up business to register their trademark as soon as possible. Not only does it legally protect your brand, but the validity period of a registered mark also lasts up to ten years. After the first ten years, it can still be renewed indefinitely (every 10 years at a time) through paying the renewal fee.
Under the Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme, the Singapore government also offers up to 400% tax rebates if you register TM. The assistance is designed to help you offset the costs of trademark registration.

Identifying a trademark
Trademarks are commonly used outside Singapore and across the globe. It is relatively easy to spot a trademark –you just have to look for two common symbols, ® and TM.
The usage of these two symbols are not the same: The ® symbol is used to protect and register trademark, which is pursuant to trademark laws; while TM only indicates that the mark is used as a trademark by the owner, but may not necessarily have been legally registered with a Singapore trademark registration company or under the scope of respective trademark laws.

5 advices to keep in mind

Trademark registration is no piece of cake to deal with, but here are advices to keep in mind when dealing with trademarks in business:

    1. Protect your brand in a respectful manner

    It’s great to protect your brand zealously, just make sure you act with respect, specifically with regards to the law. Intellectual property is important – but so is the mutual exchange of politeness and respect. In the cutthroat business world where companies compete constantly, it is easy to get swayed in the heat of it all and let your temper run wild over a minor misunderstanding.

    You might have accusations of another company stealing or copying your trademark, but don’t just head over their office and lash out. Don’t let your gut feeling do the talking. Deal with the matter in a professional way by gathering evidences and other proof before, and then get a legal counsel before taking any actions.

    Who knows, it might just be a case of an honest mistake. Sometimes, companies don’t realize they are infringing on a trademark until a third party points it out. In that case, construct a polite, informative letter and tell the other party to cease all the usage of the trademark.

    2. Treat your trademark like an investment

    Just like any other investment, treat your trademark well. You must cautiously monitor your trademark and the brand it upholds before you can enjoy recognition among a growing number of customers.

    Maintaining a good reputation means your brand is viewed as trustworthy and reliable by the masses. This might prompt more avid customers, especially if you keep up with good and proper branding. Don’t be afraid to be ambitious! Act as though your trademark will gain recognition across the globe soon – because if you don’t, it never will.

    3. Choose your trademark wisely

    You can’t trademark everything you think is best for your company. If you are indecisive or bad at making big decisions like this one, consult help from other business owners or members of your company. Be open for suggestions before you finally come up with the ‘right’ trademark.

    Keep in mind that trademark registration has no immediate edit button. Even if your business hasn’t done any promotional or marketing activity yet, changing your brand name isn’t as easy as replacing the sign on your main office. You need to provide legal reasons and pay hefty legal fees, among others.

    Generic brand names, those composed of commonly used phrases and words, are often prone to copyright infringement lawsuits. To prevent this from happening to your business enterprise, design a distinct yet classy trademark. Take all the time you need in brainstorming. As the adage goes, it’s better to go ‘slowly but surely’.

    4. Be a forward-thinker

    If used and protected properly, your trademark rights may last until the end of time. The impact of this concept is crucial to understand considering the number of global brands which became a shared vocabulary across the globe. Think of Apple’s ‘iPhone’, or Nike’s swoosh/check logo.

    As an ambitious business owner, you might plan on venturing onto the global stage and open store branches abroad. To continuously secure your trademark rights, research about the country you plan to operate in and secure protection in their local trademark laws immediately.

    5. Don’t take it personally

    Should you receive a copyright infringement lawsuit, don’t let your temper dictate your decisions and approach the matter with a cool mind instead. No good will come out of physically attacking whoever sent the letter. If anything, you will only be charged with more legal complaints.

    The first thing to do is to contact a lawyer for legal assistance and start a dialogue with the other party. Be civil. This is pivotal in reaching an equitable solution in the end.

Choosing the Best Bicycle and Bicycle Accessories for Your Skill Level

Most first-time bikers are guilty of choosing the best bicycle they can afford without knowing if it’s the right size and model for them. Not only will a beginner waste the potential of a good bike if not used properly, but it can also make learning difficult for some who would do better in a bicycle that’s right for their skill and experience.

If you seriously want to pursue biking, you need to know how to properly choose a bike that’s right for you the next time you visit the bicycle shop in Singapore.

Easy or Casual
Casual or beginner riders who use their bicycles daily, travel a total average of 18 miles per day. When you’re just trying to learn the basics, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on the best bicycle you can find at the bicycle shop in Singapore. It would be more practical to purchase a style that is most suited to your needs. If you’re not planning to train in off-road terrain, your can purchase a beginner road bike ideal for paved roads in the city. You could also opt for a hybrid bicycle that you can use for both paved roads and rough terrain. For children, the bicycle size and the number of bicycle accessories will depend on the child’s height and skill level. Parents must make sure to let the child try the bicycle first before purchasing, and to consider switching to a different style once the child outgrows the frame or has improved his/her cycling skills.

Athletic Beginner
Beginner riders who want to challenge themselves in more difficult terrain or travel long distances, usually cover an average of 35 miles daily. Most bikers at this level purchase a mountain bike, road bike, or a hybrid bike depending on the terrain and the distance covered. Serious bikers should consider looking at mid-range bicycles at the bicycle shop in Singapore that use aluminum frames for durability and ease of use. Not only are there differences in the wheels of mountain bike and a road bike, but the handlebar shapes also vary. Hybrid bicycles use either the drop bar or the flat bar, but some high-end bikes use the mustache bar. Most mountain bikes on the other hand, use the riser bar or the flat bar for better control and less strain on the arms.

Intermediate riders train for an average of 40 miles daily over different terrain. If you want a bicycle more suited to your needs, you should consider spending more money on high-end bicycles that are made from the best and lightest materials such as titanium and carbon. The designs are usually built for lighter and faster travel ideal for competitions. You should also pay attention to the bicycle accessories and features that will ensure a smooth and safe travel, such as; the type of brakes (these can be rim, disc, coaster, and drum brakes); carrying capacity; saddle height; safety features or mechanism; size of the wheels; types of suspension; bicycle gears; and the drive train. Don’t forget to wear or install the following bicycle accessories for safety: lined helmet, knee and elbow pads, eyeglasses, high-visibility clothing, front headlight, water bottle, handlebar mirrors, rear flashers, reflectors, and bells.

For riders who are planning to compete in the future, an average of 45 miles daily should be enough to cover daily training. You should keep in mind the same important factors listed under the intermediate skills rider, but you must be extra mindful of the safety, durability, and quality of your bicycle and bicycle accessories because you will be investing a lot of time and money in it. As an advanced rider, it’s important to bring your own bike tools in case of an emergency. Typically, a professional cyclist will bring the following items in a repair kit: chain checker, Torx keys, pump, chain tool, combination wrenches, tire levers, cable cutter, compact scissors, hex keys, vise-whip, cassette lockring tool, screwdrivers, spoke wrenches, and sharpened spoke. These can be found at any bicycle shop in Singapore.