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3 Important Things Your Biometric Access Control Should Provide

Biometric access controls are considered as one of the most effective lock systems that best protects any property from intruders, burglars and any forced break-ins. But before deciding on which biometric lock system to get, take a look first for these important features in your shortlisted products.

1. Integration and Expansion
Large corporate office in Singapore can make use of a biometric door access system without dismantling any existing security, communications, network, and human resource systems already set up. That’s because the biometric door access system can be tailored to suit what is already in place for easy integration and expansion.

You can even talk to your access control system provider about using other systems such as card access door and pin access door system to enhance overall security. Dismantling an old system after all will cost more than expanding what is already effective for your company, so there is no need to worry about wasting your investment in old hardware and software because the biometric door access system is flexible.

2. Security and Reporting
The primary reason for setting up a biometric lock to open door in Singapore is to protect your company from dangerous situations and unauthorized access. However, you need to determine what type of security you wish to set up because that will also affect the type of reporting and the type of authorization method you’re going to use. For example, a biometric thumbprint or fingerprint is ideal for offices that wish to monitor personnel who access specific areas, while the facial biometric can be set up in high-traffic locations for less intrusion but effective security monitoring.

Most access control systems like the biometric access door also readily provide you with activity reports, besides access to unauthorized areas. This means that the biometric door access system can be integrated with already existing features such as the intercom system, security systems, video surveillance, two-way radio, and office closed circuit television in Singapore offices.

3. Connections and Communication
For most buildings in Singapore, the ideal setup would be to use the Internet Protocol for communications, although you could also choose the alternatives. The advantage of using IP for communication is that it does not need control panels and will still work even if the readers will fail. This will assure you that your biometric door access system will still work even if there is a failure in some of the hardware, and all your data will be safe as well.

Wired connections are more stable than wireless connections, but they can be more difficult and costly to set up. Just make sure that there are no blind spots in your wireless connection because that can affect the performance of your biometric door access system.

We recommend getting a closer look at every system you come across with and look for these essential features. Especially if you’re purchasing a system for a commercial property, these features will greatly help in monitoring your property 24/7, from wherever you may be.