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A Guide to Accounting Softwares for Non-Profit Organizations

As with most companies in Singapore, churches and non-profit organizations also vary in size and scope, and so are their accounting software needs. Accounting software programs are not just beneficial for small or large businesses, it’s also quite helpful in organizing and managing the accounts of non-profit organizations. So, to help a church leader or an executive of a non-profit organization find the right program for their organization, here is a list of the best accounting software programs fit for non-profit organizations.

1. Sage 50 Non-Profit Accounting 2013
Sage 50 Non-Profit Accounting 2013 is among the accounting programs designed for charitable and non-profit organizations. In fact, the Sage Group recommends Sage 50 Non-Profit Accounting 2013 to non-profit organizations with no more than 50 employees. This accounting software has analysis and accounting tools that are designed especially for non-profits organizations like grant management and donor management.

If your organization has more than 50 employees, then accounting software programs like MAS-90, or other high-end programs would be a better option for you.

2. QuickBooks Premier Non-Profit 2013
Another accounting software that is designed and can be used by religious organizations, non-profits and charitable institutions in Singapore is QuickBooks Premier Non-Profit 2013. Like any QuickBooks products, this program enables you to set up your company in a couple of minutes with just a few mouse clicks. But you will still spend some time in tailoring the financial reports and chart of accounts of QuickBooks so that it will be able to meet and comply with the reporting needs and standards of non-profit organizations.

With this, you can create an IRS Form 990, which will help you identify your expenses for presentation purposes to your major donors and board. Moreover, the accounting software in Singapore will also help you track your revenue and expenses either by program or by fund, create year-end donation statements, and store proposal, contracts and other important documents in the QuickBooks Document Centre for an easier access later on.

3. AccuFund for Non-Profits
AccuFund for Non-Profits is another fund accounting software program. However, unlike QuickBooks and Sage, AccuFund is scalable. It is capable of meeting the needs of almost all but the largest non-profit accounting departments. Compared with AccuFund’s capacity, QuickBooks and Sage can only handle so many transaction before it starts slowing down.

AccuFund also includes core system and several modules that you can be used to customize the features of the program and meet the specific accounting needs of your organization. AccuFund’s core modules include financial reporting, accounts payable, budget reporting, general ledger, cash receipts, reports and forms generator, bank reconciliation, and user security system.

AccuFund doesn’t have any donor tracking capabilities, which can be dealt easily by using other programs. Nonetheless, the program is still capable of meeting a non-profit organization’s accounting needs, especially those that separates the accounting functions between personnel and wants a more enhanced internal controls and features than what Sage or QuickBooks products could offer.

4. Aplos Accounting
Aplos is an online accounting software program that is specifically designed for non-profit. The program is customizable and can be set up to meet the financial needs of any organization. In addition, Aplos allows you to cut checks, track your expenses and revenues by program or fund, and create donor statements with ease. You’ll also give your staff and volunteers an added work flexibility as the program is web-based.

The program is capable of supporting as many users that an organization requires. Better yet, it takes less than an hour to learn how to navigate and use the program. It also offers advantages like data backup, accessibility from any computer, and no upgrades or updates to install. The main drawback though, is that it can only cater to the needs of very small non-profit organizations. So if you’re running a mid to large-sized organization in Singapore, then you’ll need to consider other options.