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12 Tips for Apartment-Hunting in Ho Chi Minh City

The blending of the modern Western features and the traditional architecture of Vietnam has made Ho Cho Minh City one of the premium destinations in Southeast Asia for tourists and property investors. This is why there is a demand for villa rental deals, rent a house options, and apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City. However, each district in HCMC offers various housing or rental deals depending on the location, accessibility, and amenities available. For expats looking to rent apartment at HCMC, it is important to remember the following signs when finalizing a deal.

1. Determine how to get to work or school. Before you rent apartment in Saigon, make sure you know how to get to work or school. Not all districts have the best access to public transportation such as districts 2, 3, 5, and 7. If you own a car, make sure to ask the landlord if there is a safe parking space for your automobile within the property complex.

2. Get to know all the districts. Looking for Ho Chi Minh apartments for rent is like looking for a needle in a haystack. You cannot just pick the least expensive deal you can find and fail to consider how far the apartment is from your workplace or school. Each of the 24 districts in HCMC is distinct and the price range of the villa rental, apartments, and rent a house deals will also vary greatly. For example, a condominium rental in district 1 will be more expensive than getting a full deal for rent a house in district 3, because district 1 has a higher price range for rent than district 3. However, an apartment for rent in district 2 might be a better deal for an expat who is looking for a long-term deal than in expensive serviced apartments in district 3.

3. Look for markets and restaurants. The same goes for shopping malls, markets, cafes, and restaurants in the district. Some districts such as districts 5, 7, and 10 are known for the variety of Vietnamese cuisine and Western dishes. But the affordability of the food and the access to restaurants and supermarkets will also impact the convenience of living in certain districts even if there are cheap villa rental or apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City.

4. Look for hospitals and schools. As one of the best cities for expats in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City also boasts of the best hospitals, schools, and universities in the country. But if you are a foreigner looking to rent an apartment at HCMC, you should also consider the districts that cater to foreign students. Districts 7, 10, and Binh Thanh have the most number of internationals schools and universities, that is why they have also several affordable rent a house deals and Saigon apartment rental for families and for individual students.

5. Set a budget and stick to it. You should consider the deal only if you can afford to pay it. There are plenty of cheap but quality apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City, so don’t despair if you cannot find a deal the first time. Financial experts advise that your rent should not exceed 25% of your current income. If you work in district 1, you will still be able to rent apartment at HCMC in the surrounding districts.

6. Make a list of five properties for your initial search. Determine what type of property you can afford based on the number of individuals who will share with the rent (this could be a roommate or a family member). Then, look for the best-reviewed Saigon apartment rental listings or villa rental in the surrounding districts to begin your search. Your final decision does not necessarily have to be limited to the five choices, but they could be your basis for comparison during your search.

7. Visually-inspect the property. Never sign a deal unless you have been allowed to inspect the apartment or house. Be suspicious of landlords who are too eager to agree to a price. How do you know if you’re getting a good deal? Inspect the walls, windows, sinks and faucets, water pressure, electricity and appliances, and the pipes. You might also want to observe how noisy the neighbors are or if you can hear the car horns from the highway.

8. Talk to the neighbors. Take time to ask the neighbors for details about the area and how the landlord treats them. You will gain more invaluable information about renting of accommodation at Masteri in Vietnam located at Thao Dien and getting to know the entire neighborhood this way. You can also ask them where to shop, dine, or which places you should go to for fun and recreation.

9. Compare the amenities and incentives. Do not sign with the first good deal you find when looking to rent an apartment in Saigon. There might be better deals with better amenities and incentives the longer you search.

10. Ask for a complete price breakdown. Before you negotiate with the lease, you should have an idea of the range of the rent in that district then ask for a detailed list of the amenities you’re paying for. The list should include the monthly rent, security deposit, initial payment, and other services.

11. Read and understand the contract. Go over the contract carefully before signing because you don’t want to regret not paying attention to the details after you have paid. The contract should contain the lease agreements but determine which ones are applicable to you or not.

12. Get to know the landlord. You don’t need to be the best of friends with the landlord to get the best villa rental deal, but you should at least have all his/her contact details. It will also be easier to ask for discounts when you rent apartment in Saigon if you build a rapport early on.

Turn Your Dream into Reality with Your Own Beach Villa or Condo

With the ongoing resort and residential expansion of the Dự án Hồ Tràm or the Kahuna Ho Tram in Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu, Vietnam, your dreams of a beach villa for sale and a villa beside a golf course is within your reach. You will not regret the opportunities of property investment and holiday resort investment offered at the Condotel, Double Key Garden Villas, and Single Key Beach Front Villas, which were all designed to give you a spectacular sight of the beach front of Kahuna Ho Tram Strip.

Introducing the Kahuna Ho Tram
The sleepy fishing town of Hồ Tràm is poised to join world-class entertainment and hotel resorts found in Las Vegas, Macau, and Phuket with the growth of the Kahuna Ho Tram. Named after the Hawaii’s large and compelling beach waves, Kahuna Ho Tram boasts of facilities and amenities that can compete with the best hotels, resorts, golf courses, and casino in the world. The Kahuna Ho Tram Strip is just one of the key sites in the area located just to the north of The Grand.

Let’s get to know the other prime destinations in Dự án Hồ Tràm.

• The Bluffs Ho Tram. If you love golfing, then you might have heard of this world-class 18-hole golf course at Kahuna Ho Tram at Vietnam designed by former golfer Greg Norman. Included among its topnotch facilities are the clubhouse, golf academy, infinity restaurant, banquet room, pro shop, locker rooms, and a practice area.

• Gallery Villas Ho Tram. Located at The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip, the Gallery Villas feature sixty luxury residential units overlooking the beaches and the dunes.

• The Grand Ho Tram Strip. The five-star hotel boasts of its premier entertainment, shopping, and dining facilities where both Asian and western themes meet. It includes a casino, night club, and game center besides the beachfront pools and restaurants that serves a variety of dishes from around the world. Choose to play some of the many games from the world-famous casino: blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat, and sic bo.

• Kahuna Ho Tram Strip. This is the name for the section that includes the residential tower, beach villa for sale, and condotel if you want to invest in condo. It is located near The Bluffs, where you can have your own villa beside the golf course, and the gallery Villas. A second tower called the Beach Club is also near the Grand Ho Tram Strip where up to 559 rooms are open for guests.

Kahuna Ho Tram Condotel
Want a family Vung Tau condo? The Condotel tower at Kahuna Ho Tram Resort is a twelve-story tower inspired by the luxury cruise ship and houses a total of 164 units. There’s a total of 130 standard units, 2 ground floor corner units (both with private pools), 8 penthouses (which includes private pools), 10 ground floor standard units (all with private pools), and 14 corner units (each with private Jacuzzis).

Invest in condo by choosing one of the Standard Units. There are three designs with one bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 living room and kitchen, and balcony; and one style with a private swimming pool is also available.

For the Corner Units, there are two styles with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room and kitchen, balcony, and Jacuzzi; while one style has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room and kitchen, and swimming pool.

Each Penthouse has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room and kitchen, balcony, and swimming pool.

Double Key Garden Villas
There is a total of 36 Double Key Garden Villas in the Kahuna Ho Tram Strip, which are premium property investment or can be bought as holiday resort investment. Each beach villa for sale includes a private garden, private pool, a pond and a common waterway. The two-story units have a 2-bedroom unit, kitchen and dining area, and living room on the first level, and one bedroom and Jacuzzi on the second level.

Anyone who wants to own a unit of villa beside golf course can use the garden villa for sale either as a three-bedroom unit or as two separate units for guests. To view the English version of the site and know more about the garden villas of Kahuna Ho Tram, you may view it from

Single Key Beach Front Villas
The design of the Single Key Beach Front Villas is similar to the Double Key Garden Villas, but are more spacious and include a private swimming pool, maid’s suit, and three master bedrooms.

A total of eight two-story villas are available as property investment, so you can live near one of Vietnam’s most stunning beaches.