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How to Determine if Your Plumbing is Properly Installed and Functioning

Home plumbing maintenance can be a tedious task for someone who is not professionally trained in the task, that is why you need to hire a reliable plumber in Singapore to do a thorough inspection of your plumbing works. As a responsible homeowner of business owner, however, there are tasks that you also need to look out for to get the best out of the plumbing services.

Here is a checklist of common plumbing works issues that you should be aware of and when to call the nearest plumbing contractor in Singapore.

Look for Leaks and Signs of Corrosion in Exposed Plumbing

You can easily spot any damage or leaks in exposed pipes in your home or a commercial space, however, since most of the plumbing are covered by the walls, floors, and ceiling, you might not notice the silent leaks that might be damaging the structure. If it is an old building, look for hairline cracks on the concrete, because these are usually the first signs of silent water leaks. Call a professional plumber in Singapore to do a thorough inspection or you could ask your plumbing contractor to schedule regular inspections of the plumbing works.

Inspect the Water and Leaks in the Toilet

Most of the plumbing issues that plague commercial spaces affect the toilets, but the problems are easy to spot if you know what to look for. If there are problems in the handle, most likely, the plumbing has not been inspected for a while.

Clogs and debris could also cause problems, as well as low water pressure and defects in the flush should also be inspected by a reliable plumber in Singapore. If the flusher seems weak, the toilet might need replacement by plumber because the old flushers are prone to accumulation of debris.

Phantom flusher is also a common problem characterized by the change in the water level even if the flusher was not touched. Call a 24 hours plumber to do a test to determine the cause of the problem. You should also watch out for any strange noises in the tank or if the tank fills up slower than usual. Schedule a regular maintenance of your plumbing works to avoid these common toilet problems.

Test the Water Pressure

Have you tried turning on the faucet only to find that the flow of the water is too slow? Low water pressure might be caused by several factors such as a blockage in the faucet, blockage in the plumbing itself, or a water leak somewhere in your plumbing works.

If the problem has not been solved for days even if you inspected the water shutoff valves, you need to call the nearest plumbing services in Singapore to do a thorough inspection. There might be silent leaks in your plumbing that is causing the low water pressure, or the pipes might need to be replaced by an expert plumber.

Inspect the Drains for Clogs

Drains need to be cleaned occasionally to avoid accumulation of debris. Proper maintenance by a licensed plumber in Singapore will ensure that the drains will not be clogged or plugged. Drain cleaning can be done by plumber expertly, so you do not need to rely on commercial products for backed up drains that might not work at all.

To ensure that your plumbing will work well for years, the plumber will inspect the drains in the kitchen, laundry, floor, toilets, shower, bathtub, bathroom sink, main line for drains, and the sewer drain. This is especially important in all commercial and residential spaces to avoid bad odor from your plumbing and foul water from the sinks and drains.

Inspect the Fixtures and Faucets

Dripping faucets are quite common especially in commercial spaces where a lot of people are using the restrooms and kitchens. Make sure that you schedule a regular inspection and maintenance with a plumbing contractor in Singapore to avoid bigger repair jobs caused by simple leaks and defects in the plumbing fixtures.

If you’re planning to replace old fixtures and faucets, do not take chances by doing it yourself. Instead, hire a licensed plumber to do the job. Plumbers can also install the following without hassle on your part: sinks, showers, bathtubs, hot tubs, basins, dishwasher, water heater, water filtration systems, and garbage disposal systems. They can also recommend quality products and upgrades at affordable prices.

Check Your Water Heater

Water heaters are prone to a lot of problems, which is why it’s important to keep to its maintenance schedule. Commercial spaces that use water heaters must invest in quality equipment recommended by the plumbing services and arrange for regular troubleshooting of the devices. Look for a plumbing contractor that knows all the different types of water heaters and offers upgrades and safety equipment for the water heater system,

What to Look for in Licensed Plumbers

Lastly, you need to remember this checklist when looking for a reliable plumber in Singapore to repair your plumbing works, or if you want to have fixtures and equipment installed by a plumbing contractor.

1. Certification and Accreditation

Look for a plumber who is affiliated with a company or organization because these are usually strict with their member or employee requirements. You will also be assured that if anything goes wrong, you know where to go and complain.

2. Insurance

A reliable plumber will have an insurance in case there are problems during the installation or repair. They will pay for the medical expenses and/or damages to the property.

3. 24-Hour Service

A 24 hours plumber in Singapore is important for commercial spaces in case there is an emergency. You don’t have to wait the next day to solve your problem. Simply contact from Singapore for any plumbing emergencies at any time of the day.

4. Rate Transparency

The prices for their services and products should be clear to avoid any surprise costs. Always ask for an estimate or a list of prices from the plumber.