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How to Make Your Office Copier-Printers Last Longer

Most modern copier-printers that are made for heavy-duty use in offices in Singapore are more efficient than the older models. They can also do a lot of things because of the various features that were taken from single office printer and copier machine to create a multifunction tool for copying, printing, and organizing files. However, they are still prone to a lot of problems.

Here are some tips on how to make your office printer and copier machine last longer.

Buy the Best Equipment You Can Afford
It all begins with investing in the right equipment, but to do this, there are several considerations that you must remember. One common mistake in buying a laser printer or a copier machine is the lack of understanding of the printing and copying volume in the office.

Most problems in the machines can be traced to improper use or the overuse of the copier or printer in Singapore offices. Before you buy printer, there must be an estimate of the daily print and copy volume; how many standard monochrome and high-quality colored prints are needed; and how many people will use the laser printer and copier.

If the office prints many high-quality color copies for example, it may be better to invest in a separate colour printer or graphic art printer from a monochrome laser printer. Buy printer of the right size and capacity based on the number of employees, by asking if it has all the needed features and if it will fit in the office space.

Use Quality Paper and Compatible Ink Cartridges
Read the product manual of your Singapore office printer carefully because it will include instructions and lists of the compatible printing materials, cartridges or toner, and troubleshooting. When your office needs to print high-quality copies, you should only use the best paper for the laser printer or colour printer to avoid problems.

Make sure to also ask the office supplier about cartridges that are compatible with the laser printer, graphic art printer, and copier machine. This will reduce problems of low-quality copies and smudges or lines on the page. Low-quality paper is known to reduce the lifespan of printer and copiers because it causes additional stress on the machine.

Make Sure that the Equipment are Clean
There must be a designated area for the printers and copiers in the office away from traffic and the elements. Keep them away from plants and decorations and food particles. Like any electronic equipment, the copier machine and printer in Singapore can also fail if there is a buildup of dust, debris, and dirt. It will also affect the quality of the prints, especially if the glass or scanner is dirty.

To avoid breakdowns, schedule a regular preventive maintenance with a licensed technician in Singapore or assign a dedicated operator who will also be responsible for its maintenance. If you purchased your printer or copier from an office equipment supplier in Singapore, make sure that you read the service agreement, so you will know how often the printer or copier machine needs servicing and how much each service costs.

Pay Attention to the Ink Cartridges
Besides making sure that the printer and copier are using the correct cartridges, you should also set rules on how to conserve ink. Train employees to use the standard mode for copies that do not need to be high-quality, and avoid bold and chunky fonts or large font sizes that will use up a lot of ink. It’s also important to check the printer settings occasionally if you want to print in grayscale or draft.

If there are problems with the cartridge of if you notice that you are running out of ink faster than usual, check the printer or copier machine for clogs. This is helpful when your office is using a colour printer or a graphic art printer for color copies to reduce the overall printing cost.

Turn Off the Copier or Printer When Not in Use
These machines will last longer if you let them rest occasionally and if you use them only for what they’re supposed to do. Even multifunction machines should not be overworked, that is why if there are special printing needs that can done with a different printer or copier, you should invest in them.

Despite the improvements with multifunction machines, there are still some specialized functions that are better suited to desktop colour printer and dedicated copier machine for example, to not overwork the multifunction copier-printers. You should also let the machines rest.

For example, whenever the copier machine is not used, the lid should always be closed to avoid damaging the drum or scanner. This will also keep the dirt and debris away from the glass. However, you should not leave the copier or printer unused for a long time, too. For the copier, make sure to warm it up at least once a week if it isn’t used often.

Train All the Copier-Printer Users
Even if you do buy the right equipment for your office copying and printing needs, some sophisticated models might be difficult for your employees to operate. To make sure that they don’t end up breaking the machines, train all the copier and printer users on how to operate them properly.

Common problems such as paper jams, low quality copies, and smudged or dirty copies can be solved easily without having to call the technician all the time. There should also be a printed copy of the error codes near the printer and copier machine for reference. If there are recurring errors, the users should contact the technician to address the problem because it might be pointing to a serious issue that will need repairs or parts replacement.

Lastly, set a backup system if there are problems with the office printer and copier machine, your office should still be able to operate if there are backup printers and copiers for such an event.