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EduTrek™ collects personal information in order to allow its members to easily request information from schools and other partners as identified by each individual member. Contact information is only disclosed to appropriate educational or advertising partners upon explicit request of the individual member. EduTrek™ will not provide your information to third parties unless you ask us to pass it along to such a party.

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Your contact information may be used to keep you updated on the status of your membership, to inform you of schools and offers that match the preferences indicated in your profile, to resolve any problems with transmission of your information, to provide a confirmation of requests, or to remind you of important dates on the academic calendar.

Customer Support

Customer support is provided through e-mail. When a customer support issue is received, we will reply via e-mail in a timely manner, to help you solve the problem that has been encountered.


EduTrek™ takes every precaution to protect our users' information. When users submit sensitive information via the web site, their information is protected both on-line and off-line. Only you, or someone you share your password with, can access your account to make changes to your account information.

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