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Where does this information come from?

This school has been researched at length by our team of college researchers before being included in this database. The programs listed below are the actual programs and degrees offered by this school by campus location, and has been assembled by our team from multiple sources of information provided by the school. While we update this information often, the availability of some programs and degree offerings may have been changed by the school since our last update.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
Extended Learning Campus
- Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Extended Learning Campus
- Advertising
- Business Administration
- Child Development
- Communication Studies
- Entrepreneurship
- Fashion Merchandising
- History
- Multidisciplinary Studies
- Professional Writing and Editing
- Public Relations
- Religious Studies
- Sport and Exercise Psychology
- Sport Communication

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
Extended Learning Campus
- Nursing (RN)

Extended Learning Campus
- Certified Bookkeeper
- Certified Health Education Specialist
- Certified Wedding Planner
- Paralegal Certificate & CLA Preparation
- Pharmacy Technician
- ServSafe Manager Certification
- Web Design
- Webmaster

Continuing Education
Extended Learning Campus
- AutoCAD 2007
- AutoCAD 2009
- Automated Fingerprint Identification System
- Basic Engineering Economics
- Basics of Biological Evidence
- Basics of Bonsai
- Biometrics
- Bonsai Design
- Campus Public Safety Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction Incidents
- Clean Air and Energy Independence
- Crime Scene Investigation
- Crisis Preparedness Planning for School Administrators
- Ethics in Forensic Science
- Event Management and Design
- Evidence Analysis: Beyond the Crime Scene
- Forensic Epidemiology
- Forensic Mass Spectrometry
- Forensic Photography
- Forensic Science
- Freight Broker/Freight Agent
- Fundamentals of Forensic Questioned Documents
- GMAT Preparation
- Grant Writing
- Hair Evaluation for DNA Analysis
- Help Desk Analyst
- Higher Education Access Training
- Home Inspection
- Hospital Emergency Management
- Initial Substitute Teacher Training
- Integrated Ballistic Identification System (IBIS)
- Introduction to Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
- Introduction to Firearms and Toolmarks
- Introduction to Forensic Drug Chemistry
- Medical Billing and Coding
- Medical Coding: Preparation and Instruction for Implementation
- Medical Transcription
- Natural Remedy for Stress and Burnout
- Nonprofit Management
- Pay Per Click Marketing
- Personal Financial Planning
- Perspectives in Expert Testimony
- Principles of Coaching for Special Olympics
- Project Management
- Renewal Substitute Teacher Training
- Roles in Forensic Science: The Sociological Perspective
- Science of Fingerprints
- Search Engine Marketing
- Search Engine Optimization
- Shooting Reconstruction
- Speed Reading and Study Strategies
- Substitute School Nurse
- Transition to Leadership
- Treatment of Arrhythmias
- Veterinary Assistant
- Video Game Design and Development
- Web Database Developer
- West Virgina Intermediate Genealogy
- West Virginia Beginning Genealogy

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
Extended Learning Campus
- Nursing Practice

Graduate Certificate
Extended Learning Campus
- Digital Marketing
- Emergency Medicine
- Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation
- Integrated Marketing Communication
- Nonprofit Management
- Software Engineering

Master of Arts (MA)
Extended Learning Campus
- Elementary Education
- Instructional Communication
- Instructional Design and Technology
- Reading
- Secondary Education (Science)
- Secondary Education (Social Studies)
- Special Education

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Extended Learning Campus
- Executive Business Administration

Master of Legal Studies (MLS)
Extended Learning Campus
- Legal Studies

Master of Public Health (MPH)
Extended Learning Campus
- Public Health

Master of Science (MS)
Extended Learning Campus
- Athletic Coaching
- Integrated Marketing Communications
- Physical Education Teacher Education
- Rehabilitation Counseling
- Safety Management
- Safety Management (Easten Panhandle)
- School Health Education
- Software Engineering
- Sport Management

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)
Extended Learning Campus
- Nursing

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