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Problems that Plague a Central Air Conditioning System

Central air conditioning is a type of air conditioning system that is distinct from the window unit types and portable units, although the operating principles of all three varieties are the same. Is there a significant difference in the aircon maintenance and aircon repair if you have a central or ducted air conditioning? And what are the common problems of such a setup that need the expertise of aircon servicing company in Singapore?

What is a Central Air Conditioner?
Also called a ducted air conditioner, the central air conditioner is designed for commercial spaces and whole-house cooling system. One variety is a type of split-system air conditioner that has a heat exchange for both the interior and exterior spaces, unlike the window-type air conditioners typically seen at apartment units in Singapore. The packaged unit types have a more compact design because the compressor, evaporator, and condenser are all housed in one unit, unlike the split-system, which has separate cabinets for the outdoor compressor and condenser and the indoor evaporator.

Aircon servicing companies in Singapore recommend the central air conditioning system for commercial spaces and large homes, because they are more efficient than window-type air conditioners. They are also easier to operate and use less energy than a couple of window-type air conditioners combined. The aircon technician in Singapore will recommend the energy-efficient models that use 30% to 50% less energy. If you already have a central air conditioner, you should schedule an aircon maintenance to check if your unit needs to have its compressor replaced.

Does My Central Air Conditioner Need Repair?
However, older models might cost more when it comes to aircon repair because modern air conditioner designs, parts, and refrigerants have changed. If this is the case, then you should call an aircon servicing company to replace your old model with an energy-efficient unit. It’s important to ask an expert aircon technician to carry out aircon servicing at Singapore when it comes to proper sizes, installation, insulation, and duct installation.

Look for a central air conditioner with the following features:
1. Operates quietly
2. Air speed handler
3. Thermal expansion valve
4. High-temperature rating of more than 11.6
5. Fan-only switch
6. Automatic-delay fan switch
7. Filter check light

How Do You Know if There is a Problem?
Improper installation of the air conditioner can cause a lot of problems even if there is scheduled maintenance, that is why you should hire an expert technician during the installation because there are special requirements for the ducts and the placement of the condenser, compressor, and evaporator.

However, improper installation is not just the only problem when it comes to a ductless air conditioner system. You should also look out for the following problems and call aircon repair services as soon as possible.

1. Low Refrigerant Levels. Maintaining the proper levels of the refrigerant is important in any type of air conditioner, but the ductless system is more prone to this type of problem because the refrigerant lines can be found in a variety of air handlers. Common signs of trouble include uneven cooling and/or heating and changes in the temperature even if the dials were not adjusted. If this problem is ignored, it could lead to a total breakdown of the central air conditioner that will cost more for aircon repair.

2. Air Handler Problems. The ductless system is prone to problems with its air handlers because there is a system of lines such as the refrigerant, power, and condensate lines that are also part of it. If one of more of these lines are broken and there is a leak, moisture will form at the air handler installed on the wall. The water can potentially damage the structure of your building or home as well as the air conditioner itself. Aircon repair will also be expensive if the air handler itself is broken, because it could point to other sources of problem, such as a failed motor or a broken component. Proper aircon servicing can prevent these from happening.

3. Dirty Air Conditioner Compressor. The outdoor compressor is exposed to the elements, that is why if there is a problem with the system, you should also check if the compressor is in good condition. Sometimes the air conditioner will run, but will not cool at all if the filter is dirty, the compressor is full of dirt and debris or if ice has formed on the coils. You can fix these yourself by cleaning the filter and compressor and turning on the fan to melt the ice on the coils, but it is better to call in a professional aircon servicing crew to avoid amateur mistakes.

4. Thermostat Doesn’t Work. If your central air conditioner does not work at all, the first thing you should check are the electrical panels and then the circuit panels for a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. If resetting the unit does not work, it means that there could be a problem in the fan motor, compressor or capacitor. An expert aircon repair crew in Singapore can easily track down problems in the circuit. Do not try to fix the thermostat, wires, and compressor yourself because it could lead to more problems and an expensive aircon repair.

5. Air Conditioner Doesn’t Produce Air. If you notice that the air handler isn’t blowing cool air properly, then it means the air conditioner has not been inspected and cleaned for a long time. The problem could be caused by a dirty or frozen evaporator coil, dirty filters, broken fan motor, frozen coils, or a dirty blower. Hire an aircon servicing company to clean and/or replace these parts.

Note: This list is compiled in no particular order.