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EduTrek makes it easy to find research and connect with nearly every post-secondary educational opportunity in the United States. Whether you're looking for an Ivy League university, a community college, or a local career-training opportunity, all the information you need is in our huge database.

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What makes EduTrek different?

We're Neutral:

Nearly every college and post secondary educational opportunity in the United States is included in the EduTrek college database, not just schools willing to pay to be advertisers.

Why is this important to you? If you've used other college research websites, you may have noticed most of these websites only provide information on for-profit career schools, or only have information on a fraction of the local public universities or community colleges in your search areas. The reason for this is the majority of college research websites are not neutral and only show you colleges who are willing to pay them to be advertisers, which significantly limits the search results you'll see.

We Have Comprehensive Information:

Every school in the EduTrek college database is reviewed by our research team before the information is added to our database, and all schools have detailed profiles to help you decide if you want to get more details directly from the school.

EduTrek Is Free to Use:

Whether you use our College Matching Service or you search our college database on your own, once you've found schools you would like to know more about, your free EduTrek account will allow you to request information from the school. You can also contact the schools directly using the information we provide in each school's profile. Whether you are looking for four-year universities, two-year community colleges, private schools, or online, trade, or career schools—or just about any type of specialty education—we make it easy to find the right place for you to study.