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Why You Need a Commercial Laundry Service?

Management of a hospitality business, such hotels, restaurants, cruise lines and even hospitals, is already stressful enough. How much more if you have to take care of other matters like laundry and linen care, which is probably the least important and non-profitable aspect of your business?

Finding a space and manpower for bed sheet and towel washing is just a waste of resources. So, instead of hiring someone to deal with your business’ laundry matters, why not hire a commercial laundry services? They are professionals in this field and can guarantee to deliver the work quickly and efficiently.

Commercial laundry services in Singapore offer a range of laundering services suitable for hospitality establishments. These laundering companies provide a great way to free up significant resources, time and energy. Listed below are the reasons why outsourcing your laundry and linen works is an ideal solution for your business’ laundry needs.

Fabric Care
A professional laundry service knows exactly how to care for specific types of fabric. They use specialized soaps and detergents to wash specific type of material. Moreover, after laundering the garments and linens, they have a huge, separate space for drying them out, which you may not afford to have in your premise. They have the appropriate chemicals and equipment needed to provide excellent service and results.

Save on Expenses
Outsourcing services for your linen and uniform laundry may seem like a costly idea, since you’ll likely have to do it daily. However, consider the cost of equipment, space and salary of additional laundry personnel if you choose to have your own on-premise laundry. Working with a commercial laundry service is apparently more cost-effective than doing it on your own. There are a lot of affordable nearby washing shop in Singapore which can help you save your expenses.

Work in Great Volumes
Commercial laundry services are used to working in large quantity and all types of clothing and linens. Whether it is made of wool or cotton, they can handle piles up to hundreds of kilograms in a day. Even if your load doesn’t reach the minimum weight requirement, they will not refuse it. They will provide the same excellent quality service for all their clients.

Save on Space
Regardless of what type of hospitality business you have, you will find that laundry facilities normally occupy so much space. Depending on the volume of linens you use on a daily basis, you will need multiple pieces of equipment to take care linen washing and drying. Outsourcing laundry services means eliminating the need to purchase expensive and space-consuming equipment and a large area to air-dry particular pieces.

Pick-Up and Delivery Service
Many laundry companies here in Singapore offer this option as additional service. You need to make sure that you won’t be left struggling with the transportation of your laundry. Work with a laundry service that can handle both pick-up and delivery of your laundry.

Quick Service
Regardless of how much you’ve spent on putting up an on-site laundry area, it can never match the fast pace at which a commercial laundry services company can provide. No matter how many soiled linens you have, a professional laundry company can tackle them all for you, quickly and efficiently. A reliable laundry company guarantees that your hotel and/or restaurant will never fall short in the supply of linen.

One-Stop Shop
The best part of hiring a commercial laundry services is the variety of work that can be done. From towel washing to linen works and uniform laundry, you can get everything nicely washed and folded for you. You also have the edge over your competitors, since you have everything taken care of in one contract. You have the standard laundry, ironing, dry cleaning and alterations and repairs all in one company. Rest assured, these shops in Singapore can handle quality dry cleaning for suits.

Paying another company to take care of your business’ laundry may seem like a disadvantage, but in the long run this will be significantly outweighed by the convenience it provides. With the expertise of a dedicated laundry service, your employees won’t feel overworked because you have someone to deal with the washing and cleaning of linens. In hotels, for example, without hiring a commercial laundry service, the employees will have to deal with the washing of toiletries and dirty linens. This additional workload can cause more pressure and unnecessary stress that may lead your employees to leaving their job.

Increased Business Productivity
If you are not working with a commercial laundry services company, then your staff will have to take care of the washing. The process includes sorting of linens, towels and uniforms, loading into the laundry, moving them to the dryer, ironing them and folding each one of them. You also have to secure different detergents and chemicals for better results. Imagine going through all these every day. If you outsource this work, you and your employees can concentrate on the productivity of your business and eliminate the costs of setting up a laundry room.

As your business grows, less important works—like doing the laundry—will need to be outsourced to keep your everyday activities in control. When it comes to telling whether or not a laundry service is of much use for your business, it’s pretty obvious that the advantages can significantly help in ensuring better business productivity.
Working with a dedicated laundry service here in Singapore helps streamline your workflow, make it easier for your manpower to focus on their main tasks and save you a lot of precious time and money.