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Tips to Avoid Bruising from Injectable Treatments

No one likes any sorts of discoloration, particularly bruising, in the skin. But undergoing a cosmetic procedure guarantees bruising occurrences after getting either Botox or injectable filler treatments, or going through procedures such as facelift, rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty.

Luckily, there’s been a growing intersection between Eastern and Western medicines, and that all-natural supplements are already widely available to prevent bruising, as well as to expedite post-treatment recovery. Apart from that, we’ve also listed some tips that could help you avoid bruising after your injectable treatment.

1. Apply cold compress to the injection site pre and post-treatment. Ask your physician or any of his assistants in the aesthetic clinic for some cold compress before and after undergoing an injectable treatment. Apply the pack to the injection site for 5 to 15 minutes before going through the treatment. It might be uncomfortable but applying a cold pack directly to the area will constrict your blood vessels, making it less likely to get in the way of the needle, thus, reducing the chances of bruising.

2. Try not to move while as the treatment takes place. Before going through an injectable procedure – nose fillers for example – it’s important that you’re comfortable and relaxed. You might even notice your surgeon trying to make you feel such before pushing through with the treatment. Though flinching movements are involuntary, it would still be best if you minimize or if possible, avoid any forms of movement while doing nose fillers in Singapore because even the slightest movement could cause the needle to go much deeper than it’s supposed to go or get into the wrong place, which later on results to bruising.

3. Use Arnica Montana. Arnica Montana is a dietary supplement that has long been used to reduce post-treatment bleeding and inflammation. Purchase this supplement in natural food stores or vitamin shops near your area in Singapore. If you prefer using a topical cream, then apply Arnica topical gel or cream to your bruises. But do check with your aesthetic clinic or the surgeon who performed your procedure first if you won’t be facing any health concerns if you start using the supplement or the topical cream.

4. Blunt-tipped cannulas to inject filler. This is one of the effective ways to inject fillers using a specific type of needle and technique, which provides lesser trauma to skin, resulting to lesser bruise occurrences. But not all aesthetic clinics in Singapore use this technique to inject fillers, either because there are only a few people who are trained to use such instrument or they just simply don’t want to shell out extra money to get hold of these cannulas. So if your surgeon recommends using this method to inject your nose fillers, don’t hesitate to try it. You’ll definitely be awed with lack of pain that you’ll experience during the treatment, as well as the fascinating results that you’ll get from the procedure.

5. Put your color-correcting concealer palette to use. This might not be a way to prevent bruising but it’s a great idea to have this on hand if you do get bruised after the treatment. When all else fails, simply run pull out your concealer palette to cover up your light bruises. Purchase a 5-color palette concealer to help you counteract the color changes that will possibly occur to your bruises. With this just sitting at your makeup case, you no longer need to go out and buy different sets of concealer to disguise your bruises.

6. Avoid excessive contact with the injection site. As much as possible, avoid having any form of contact with the treated area on the first 6 hours after your treatment – except when it’s already time to apply arnica. It would also help if you won’t put too much pressure in the treated area to avoid any dislodgements or complications like bruising and swelling.

Truth be told, bruising after undergoing an injectable filler is pretty common, but by following these tips, it’s possible to decrease your chances of experiencing such unsightly marks and enjoy the results that your treatment will provide.