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College Risks & Rewards

Considering college? Get your college journey off to a great start by knowing the facts about the risks and rewards of attending college.

risk 1

As the chart above shows, a college education will lead to higher paying careers and much lower risk of unemployment compared with those who have a high school degree or less. Want to learn more? You can start by learning about Job Salaries for College Graduates.

Yet as college costs continue to rise year after year it’s common for students to wind up with huge student loan debts, and many simply don’t make it to graduation. Before you start your college journey, learn all you can about how to pay for your college education, and how you can increase your odds of completing a degree.

Not all majors are created equal!

The major you choose will significantly impact your success after college. Some majors have much higher unemployment rates for recent college graduates and others have negative long-term employment outlooks, while select majors will qualify you for careers with high employment and compensation growth rates. You can review college majors and careers and the Best College Majors That Lead to Employment.

While there’s definitely much more to college than just career preparation, the rising cost of education is making it much more difficult for today’s college students to complete a degree without taking on large amounts of debt. So do yourself a favor: carefully research and plan your college journey — before you get started!

This website offers a wealth of practical and neutral information that will help you research college majors and careers, find and connect with colleges who offer the degrees you’re interested in, explore the various ways to pay for your education and also help you prepare for college entrance exams.